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3D-printing firm launches VR solution to bring 3D construction printers ‘to life’

by Liam Turner
Falco to train drivers using VR

COBOD, a global manufacturer of 3D construction printers, has announced the launch of a virtual reality (VR) solution for 3D construction printing.

COBOD says the solution allows potential customers to experience live 3D construction printing in real time by utilising VR.

With the solution, COBOD says individuals can watch many of the company’s real-printed buildings being constructed in a virtual residential area, complete with trees, cars, and other objects.

It adds that VR helps people experience the real size of a 3D concrete printer in different configurations.

Also, individuals can witness close up of the gantry printer work and see how layer by layer the house is created.

Michael Holm, chief innovation officer at COBOD, said: “As the creator of this VR system, I’m thrilled to offer an immersive experience that brings our 3D construction printers to life.

“This technology enables clients to truly understand the scale and potential of our printers, empowering them to envision a more innovative and sustainable future for the construction industry.”

Dr. Marchant Van Den Heever, CTO of HTL.tech, said: “Virtual reality is an incredibly powerful tool for visualising complex 3D models, and using it to showcase 3D construction printing projects can help clients understand the process in a more immersive and engaging way.

“We see this tool as an exciting way the get clients, designers, and contractors up to speed on the inner workings of how a 3D construction printing project actually works.”

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