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Aecom & Cavnue partner to develop CAV corridor in Michigan

by Sion Geschwindt
Aecom & Cavnue partner to develop CAV corridor in Michigan

Aecom has partnered with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and road technology firm Cavnue to develop a connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) corridor between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

AECOM will provide engineering, planning, and design services beginning with a CAV lane project in Michigan and expanding to other locations across the US.

The partnership will also deliver concept of operations, environmental documentation, conceptual, and final design on several major roadways in the state.

Jennifer Aument, AECOM’s global transportation chief executive, said: “Core to AECOM’s ESG strategy, ‘Sustainable Legacies’, is delivering solutions that will improve social outcomes and reduce carbon impacts on the planet.

“This partnership will advance transportation in a way that’s sustainable, smarter, and safer for generations to come in Michigan.

“We believe in Cavnue’s vision to unlock the potential in connected and automated travel and we’re thrilled to work together to create this future for the automated transportation industry and the communities that will benefit from it.”

In Michigan, Cavnue is integrating a first-of-its-kind roadway infrastructure stack with a unique hardware and software product to simplify the operating environment for all vehicles and to provide more information to vehicles about the road ahead, both of which unlock the powerful benefits of in-vehicle technology.

Cavnue, AECOM, and MDOT are also working closely to utilise this system to provide unique insights back to those that operate and manage roadways.

Tyler Duvall, co-founder and CEO at Cavnue, said: “Smart cars need smart roads. Cavnue’s mission is to simplify and enhance the driving environment to unlock the full potential of all autonomous vehicles.

“We were drawn to AECOM’s expertise in innovative and groundbreaking projects, as well as their leadership in transportation and the automated vehicles sector.

“We’re excited to begin work in Michigan together and develop the solutions that will be the blueprint for the next generation of roadways.”

Paul C. Ajegba, director at Michigan Department of Transportation, added: “This represents another stride for the mobility revolution as well as for MDOT and the State of Michigan’s continued leadership.

“We look forward to further innovations from this first-of-its-kind project.”

Image credit: Cavnue

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