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AI Clearing’s drones upgraded to track solar site progress

by Sion Geschwindt
AI Clearing's drones upgraded to track solar site progress

AI Clearing, a US-based company that uses drone data to track construction progress, has trained its artificial intelligence (AI) models to recognise key objects installed during solar farm construction.

Following this, the company’s AI Surveyor platform can now churn out Business Intelligence (BI) reports every 24 hours to deliver complete progress monitoring visibility into large-scale solar farm construction.

These analytical insights would help general contractors and developers to eliminate delays, reworks, massive cost overruns, and waste, the company said.

AI Surveyor analytics platform, which saw its official launch in October 2021, brings together data from multiple sources including drones, GIS, and design information to uncover digital insights across large infrastructure projects.

But with the current boom in the solar market, a major demand for these insights has been coming specifically from utility-scale solar farms.

AI Clearing says it is currently involved with solar projects of a combined capacity of 1.3GW. The company has already tracked the completion status of over 2 million panels, delivered over 300 progress reports, and identified more than 3,000 discrepancies.

Adam Wisniewski, AI Clearing CTO and co-founder, explains: “Our AI model is trained on data from across the globe, so whether it is the desert of Abu Dhabi or snow in Canada, it can track progress across your KPI’s with an accuracy of 99.98%.”

Alex Ramirez, senior manager of business technology at PCL, one of AI Clearing’s main customers, said: “Solar construction is becoming increasingly important in North America as we pursue cleaner sources of energy.

“While production tracking is important for any project, solar construction requires much closer attention to production rates. AI Clearing has proven to be a great partner in this space. They continuously improve their platform to maximise the value of visually displaying production data.”

Image credit: It for you/Shutterstock

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