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Algeco’s modular build serves up a Starbucks in six weeks

by Mark Cantrell
Modular offsite build specialist delivered a Starbucks restaurant in six weeks

A Starbucks restaurant in Derby has demonstrated a quick turnaround, but we’re talking construction, not serving coffee.

Then again, with modular offsite construction methods meaning the restaurant was finished and open within six weeks, it really is a matter of both.

Indeed, it took modular building specialist Algeco just two weeks to manufacture the shell and deliver the modules to the Normanton site.

Developer Burney Group, along with client Starbucks, turned to Algeco not only for its capability to deliver a rapid lead time, but also to overcome practical challenges associated with the site.

Situated next to a busy Aldi supermarket, and close to a residential neighbourhood, manufacturing the modules offsite meant disruptions had to be kept to a minimum.

Algeco delivered the modules out of retail hours, while completing the building shell in a fortnight avoided any unsightly building works.

Typically, the company says, it achieves a PMV (pre-manufactured value) of over 80%, meaning most elements of the build and critical testing around fire and building performance are already completed before the modules arrive on site.

James Withey, managing director of Algeco offsite, said: “What is significant about the Starbucks project in Derby is that we worked to the company’s required specification whilst still delivering all the benefits of DFMA [design for manufacture and assembly] and lean manufacturing, and, significantly, a bespoke design.

“By handing over the restaurant in just two weeks, Algeco has set a new benchmark for the industry. We are now beginning to roll out the concept to other sites across the country.”

As a result of its quick service in Derby, Algeco has already gained multiple further orders from Starbucks, and is currently working on a new site in Scunthorpe.

The company, which has its UK headquarters in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, says it is seeing record demand for its leisure and retail modular building solutions as more customer look modular construction techniques. Multiple orders have been generated since the company began offering a retail leisure solution as a ‘standard’ product line.

Withey added: “Our Carnaby facility has recently secured a £3.5m investment from our parent company Modulaire Group. This represents a significant step, and reflects how our offsite business has grown over the last few years. Investment will significantly increase capacity, whilst contributing to our journey of being a low carbon business.”

Main image: The Starbucks restaurant in Normanton, Derby.

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