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Alquist unveils plans for 200 3D-printed homes

by Sion Geschwindt
Alquist 3D printing

US-based homebuilder Alquist has announced plans to build 200 homes in Pulaski, Virginia, in what it claims will be the world’s largest 3D-printed construction project.

‘Project Virginia’ is set to kick off this week and follows Alquist’s recent Habitat for Humanity project in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Alquist, which uses Black Buffalo 3D’s Nexcon printer, said it wants to lower the cost of housing and infrastructure in economically distressed and under-served communities.

Alquist chose Pulaski because demand for housing is soaring there due to the more than 3,000 new jobs that Volvo, Blue Star Manufacturing, and American Glove Innovations will create in the area.

Alquist unveils plans for 200 3D-printed homes
Exterior of the new Habitat for Humanity 3D printed house (Credit: Alquist)

Zachary Mannheimer, founder and CEO of Alquist 3D, said: “With migration patterns shifting due to pandemic, climate, and economic concerns, smaller communities like Pulaski have a huge need – and an amazing opportunity – to develop affordable housing for new residents.

“By 3D-printing these homes, Alquist and our partners will be accelerating Pulaski and Roanoke’s ability to harness current trends and attract new workers to this wonderful community in southwestern Virginia.”

It took only about 22 hours to print the exterior shell of the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that Alquist built for Habitat for Humanity.

3D-printing also enables builders to use less timber, which it said is a huge benefit since availability and prices have been highly volatile.

Image credit: Alquist

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