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Arc Partnership joins the Construction Waste Portal

by Sion Geschwindt
The Construction Waste Portal enables the construction industry to predict, plan, and prevent waste through intelligent data use.

Arc Partnership, a joint venture between Nottinghamshire County Council and public sector procurement specialist SCAPE, has joined the Construction Waste Portal in a bid to further reduce the volume of waste created by its construction activity.

The Construction Waste Portal is a platform that enables the public sector and construction industry to predict, plan, and prevent waste through intelligent data use from almost 1,000 completed infrastructure projects across the UK.

Joining the Construction Waste Portal will enable Arc Partnership to minimise the environmental impact of construction projects being delivered on behalf of the County Council, as well as deliver cost savings that can be used for reinvestment in other local authority projects.

Across the UK, the construction sector currently accounts for around 60 million tonnes of waste annually – around two thirds of the nation’s total output – and leads to losses of almost £1.4bn per year in profit though industry overspend on waste.

All of Arc’s partners that are part of SCAPE’s construction framework have now signed up to use the Construction Waste Portal for Nottinghamshire County Council projects.

In addition, Arc Partnership will work with its SME delivery partners on its second-generation General Building framework – which will deliver £17m-worth of construction and retrofitting projects for the Council over the next four years – to engage them with the Construction Portal where appropriate.

Daniel Maher, managing director of Arc Partnership, said: “Building smart, sustainable buildings which meets the evolving needs of the community is at the core of our values.

“Being a part of the Construction Waste Portal means we’re able to take swift and decisive action to improve our sustainability and support the Council’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s environment ambassador, Councillor Mike Adams, added: ​“I’m delighted that Arc Partnership has co-opted this innovative piece of technology to slash construction waste on its excellent building projects.

“We need to use every opportunity we can to recycle, whether on a large-scale construction site or in the family home, to drive down carbon emissions across Nottinghamshire to the lowest possible levels.

“By adding the Construction Waste Portal to its toolbox, it is clear that Arc Partnership is as committed to tackling climate change as we are at our council.”

Image credit: Kzenon/Shutterstock

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