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Arcadis clinches data-driven Ontario asset management deal

by Mark Cantrell
Data, data everywhere and not a byte to eat

Infrastructure Ontario (IO), Canada, has awarded a five-year capital asset management contract to the global design and consultancy business, Arcadis.

The deal includes a subscription for Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) software, Arcadis’ mobile data collection system, which forms a core part of its new Intelligence Global Business area.

This aspect of Arcadis’ business provides digital services and products to asset-intensive organisations, and is said to help clients “unlock efficiencies” and make “qualitative data-driven decisions”.

IO is a Crown agency that supports the Canadian province of Ontario’s initiatives to modernise and maximise the value of public infrastructure and real estate. It appointed Arcadis following a competitive bidding process.

Alan Brookes, Arcadis’ chief executive, said: “Increasingly our clients are looking to build efficiencies and improve the performance of their asset portfolios in locations all around the world.

Data is crucial, and by working with our clients to embed digitally enabled tools and products like EDA, we can enable more informed decision-making to help maximize value across the entire asset life cycle.

“EDA is already successfully being used by clients in the USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands and Australia, and I’m pleased that we can now bring this innovative solution to Infrastructure Ontario to support their asset management goals.”

The project with IO is due to commence this month, with an accompanying five-year contract subscription for data collection and analytics software.

Rob Corazzola, Arcadis’ global sales director for Enterprise Decision Analytics, added: “Arcadis’ EDA solution is an asset investment planning platform that empowers asset-intensive organisations like IO to enhance the understanding of their portfolios, enabling optimal, data-driven decision-making.

“The aim is to balance and prioritise complex factors for the best possible investment plans. The system we’re deploying for IO will help them achieve their expanding strategic capital asset management objectives in a timely and effective manner, while supporting the development of key reporting and management plans.”

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