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AtkinsRéalis wins US fusion engineering support contract

by Mark Cantrell
The US Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has awarded a multi-discipline engineering support contract to AtkinsRéalis and its partners.

The US Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has awarded a multi-discipline engineering support contract to AtkinsRéalis and its partners.

The professional services and project management company, along with those partners – Jacobs Technology Inc, and Longenecker & Associates – will be working to support efforts to crack nuclear fusion.

AtkinsRéalis spearheads what is said to be a world-leading fusion engineering consortium of companies, and brings a decade of knowledge across multiple international programs to PPPL.

The Princeton facility is continuing with a pioneering programme of developing solutions for the creation of fusion energy to fuel the next generation of electricity production.

Ian L Edwards, president and chief executive of AtkinsRéalis, said: “Supporting the delivery of fusion on a commercial scale to offer safe, limitless and environmentally responsible energy is another example of how we are leveraging our best-in-class engineering services to help break the world’s reliance on less-sustainable alternatives, and advance the global energy transition.”

The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, which spans five years with a base period of three years and two optional years, has a ceiling value of US$50M.

Services provided by AtkinsRéalis and its partners include support for design of future upgrades to the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade (NSTX-U), the primary fusion experiment and user facility at PPPL; design and fabrication support of plasma diagnostic and heating sub-systems for ITER, the international fusion facility being constructed in France, where AtkinsRéalis has been the architect engineer since 2010 as a member of the Engage consortium; as well as conceptual design of electricity-generating fusion plants; and development of physics and technology advances that can improve the economics of fusion plants.

Joe St Julian, president, nuclear, at AtkinsRéalis, said: “This work represents a significant opportunity for AtkinsRéalis to contribute to a highly visible national and international priority programme, bolstering the field of fusion research and implementation.

“Providing management, design, engineering and analysis services to enable PPPL’s science mission accomplishments and initiatives will ultimately help accelerate the commercialisation of fusion energy, unlocking its potential as a clean, safe and secure energy source of the future.”

Fusion partnership

To support its work in the US, AtkinsRéalis says it will leverage its well-established European fusion capabilities, and extensive collaboration with strategic partners such as the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), where an AtkinsRéalis-led consortium is serving as the engineering delivery partner for Tranche 1 of the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) programme.

The UK and the US have a long history of collaborative efforts in fusion energy research and development, including for example PPPL-UKAEA Fusion Fellowships, and recently announced a new strategic partnership to make fusion energy commercially viable.

AtkinsRéalis’ says its “vast international experience” will help progress the development of carbon net zero energy technologies that will “power the future of our planet and its people”.

Main image: Outside view of the central tokamak complex during construction at the ITER site in France in April 2018. Credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Wikipedia. Creative Commons CC-by-2.0

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