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Autodesk expands learning resources to boost digital construction skills

by Sion Geschwindt
Autodesk launches Construction Master Class and the Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center to help construction industry professionals learn new skills, advance their career and future-proof their businesses.

Autodesk, Inc. has launched the next phase of its effort to upskill the construction workforce and help inspire the next generation of prospective recruits, at a time when the sector is facing unprecedented skills shortages.

Autodesk said its latest initiatives, Construction Master Class and the Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center, allow construction industry professionals to learn new skills, advance their career, and future-proof their businesses.

Construction Master Class provides free online tutorials from industry leaders where participants can learn more about delivering critical project outcomes like better cost control, improved quality management, and standardised field collaboration workflows.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Learning Center houses courses that are also free and help participants grasp the Autodesk suite of tools, including the popular Autodesk Construction Cloud.

The multinational software company aims to help participants further their digital construction skills in areas such as setting up project templates, tracking issues, managing RFI and submittal workflows, and collaborating with project members.

Autodesk has also established several other initiatives to help develop tech acumen in current construction workers and encourage a new and diverse set of workers to join the profession, including The Autodesk Membership Training Provider and Make It Real programmes.

‘Huge demand for digital skills’

Ronald McGuire, program administrator at the International Training Institute, said: “As we have all acutely felt, the industry is facing major obstacles when it comes to hiring and retaining labor and skilled trades workers.

“There’s huge demand not just for labor in and of itself, but for workers who have digital skills under their belt. Project-ready professionals need to be adept at using technology on the jobsite and in the trailer, as well as in the office.

“Autodesk’s learning resources will enable us to upskill current members and provide new ones with the right tools to get quickly up to speed.”

The construction labor shortage and digital skills gap are global challenges. According to the latest annual survey by Associated General Contractors of America and Autodesk, 89% of construction firms in the US are having a difficult time filling hourly craft positions and 86% are struggling to fill salaried positions. 61% of firms surveyed said their projects are being delayed because of workforce shortages.

Allison Scott, director of customer experience and industry advocacy at Autodesk, added: “Our customers consistently voice concerns that though there will be an influx of new projects and roles, the industry is not bringing in enough people to fulfill their increasing needs or grow the right skillsets.

“Autodesk’s construction learning initiatives are being employed to help companies move fast, so they can remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve during the industry’s digital transformation.”

Image credit: Autodesk

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