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Azure to deliver ten 3D printed homes made from recycled plastic

by Maryam Bint-Kazam
Azure is set to deliver 10 Build-to-Rent units for ReInhabit

Azure Printed Homes, which 3D prints structures using recycled plastic, has been selected by Re-Inhabit, a Southern California home builder, to build ten 3D printed homes.

Re-Inhabit plans to install them on three sites across Southern California.

ReInhabit currently manages a portfolio of homes with a focus on integrating innovative building techniques to yield more efficient developments.

Azure’s factory-built approach to 3D printing homes from recycled plastic allows for a faster prefabrication timeline of a complete housing unit. The startup claims that it can build one of its unit in a day.

Azure developed its technology with a goal of finding a better way to build that would minimise waste by using plastic already intended for landfills or that usually ends up in our oceans or incinerated.

By using recycled materials instead of new resources, Azure aims to close the sustainability loop in the 3D home building industry by moving closer to a circular economy.

The startup also plans to reduce home energy consumption bills to zero through a combination of high levels of building airtightness and the use of low-carbon technologies including heat pumps and solar panels.

ReInhabit co-founders Rudy and Kim Dvorak, said: “We have been researching the market for the right homebuilder to help us build quickly and at scale.

“California, like many states, needs to find more innovative ways to speed up the time it takes to build. Azure is doing something really special with their approach to the problem.

“Repurposing materials and 3D printing a complete structure in a fraction of the time is something that is a game changer for us. We are also looking for the right finance partner to assist us with our current and future projects. While interest rates are rising, Azure homes can quickly generate very impressive ROI from rental income streams.”

Ross Maguire, Azure’s CEO, added: “Azure is excited to introduce sustainable, beautiful and efficiently-built modern homes, and to become a partner of choice for home developers like ReInhabit.”

Azure has a quickly growing waitlist with pre-orders exceeding $16m.

The startup is scheduled to begin printing and delivering 3D printed backyard studios by the end of 2022, and delivery of accessory dwelling units and homes to homeowners and businesses in 2023.

Earlier this month, a UK-based non-profit unveiled plans to deliver the country’s first 3D-printed housing scheme.

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