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Bimplus software update offers improved measuring tools and guest viewer facility

by Liam Turner
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Bimplus has received a software update that includes new features and improvements aimed at better interaction and democratisation of the BIM process.

The ALLPLAN product now boasts enhanced handling of BIM models, document management and integration for guest viewers, and improvements to measuring tools and documents.

A product of Nemetschek Group company ALLPLAN, the German software maker announced its update to its cloud-based data management and collaboration platform noting a wide array of improvements.

Commenting on the update, Nigel Rees, product director (Cloud Services) at ALLPLAN, said: “Having all the information right at your fingertips within the model, while retaining an overview in Bimplus, significantly improves response to issues.

“There is no longer a need to search for an email or document that lists what needs changing, as everyone can view the progress of each activity in the issue manager.

“It is all about working smarter. Once again, we are delighted to bring the latest cloud technology to our clients.”

Improvements include the following items:

  • New and Improved measuring tools — Providing a wide set of measurement tools within Bimplus to offer an enhances digital environment for model collaboration that allows accuracy checks and the ability to push any errors back to project teams prior to construction
  • Improved interaction and association of documents — Enhancing the document management tools within Bimplus means that project partners are able to effectively store and associate documentation with the model itself
  • BIM Explorer enhancements — The performance of the BIM Explorer has been improved with the latest update, resulting in the reduction of data size stored internally and quicker presentation times of the model itself
  • Bimplus Guest Viewers — Bimplus now contains the ability for team admins to invite guest viewers into the projects to allow more accessibility and visibility

Image: Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock

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