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Biosite develops facial recognition solution for construction sites

by Samiyah Mokaddus
Biosite Systems Ltd has developed a facial recognition

Biosite Systems Ltd has developed a facial recognition solution in response to rising demand for contactless site entry.

The solution utilises the latest biometric technology and follows the company’s data workflow to combine total workforce data visibility with a non-contact mechanism for operatives to gain access to a site.

Biosite facial recognition has been developed in-house by software and hardware specialists for increased quality and evolutionary control, Biosite says.

The technology is able to integrate with existing Biosite Access Control products and systems.

At site entry and exit points, operatives stand in front of the camera device while their facial template is matched against a pre-existing database. Access is then either granted or denied.

The system does not require secondary authentication, such as a pin entry, and the facial matching process is completed in less than 0.2 seconds.

The matching process is also completed remotely, ‘off device’, for increased security, accuracy, and speed of throughput, according to Biosite.

Integrated temperature measurement is also an option for sites looking to combine operative entry with mandatory fever screening – which has become increasingly important due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Li Wang, managing director at Biosite Systems Ltd, said: “There is clearly interest in facial recognition technology in the age of COVID-19, but for us it was important not to develop an ‘off the shelf’ solution and to offer something that focused on data integrity, accuracy, and security – not just contactless site entry.

“We approach facial recognition as simply another method of capturing workforce data and wanted to deliver a robust, integrated solution for customers where this is the preferred site-access option.

“The Biosite facial recognition camera device is purely a mechanism for capturing workforce data, and the facial matching process and data storage takes place remotely – as opposed to any operative data being stored on the device itself – for additional security.”

Wang added: “This also enables a wider pool of data to be established via the Biosite software workflow, across devices and sites, so there is visibility of the workforce at a group level.

“This has always been our approach to workforce management, and I’m pleased that we can now offer our customers a facial recognition solution that provides them with the same benefits and results they have come to expect from us.”

Image: Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock

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