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Blue Noble uses data analytics to boost ESG performance

by Mark Cantrell
Blue Noble has teamed up with Demand Logic to use data analytics to improve energy and ESG performance at Eleven Brindleyplace

Data analytics are helping real estate firm Blue Noble to deliver ongoing energy efficiency improvements at one of its prime Birmingham properties

The company has teamed up with Demand Logic to deliver improvements to its energy and ESG performance, with the partnership already showing results: energy and cost savings have already bee identified at the Eleven Brindleyplace office space.

Following a successful deployment at the beginning of 2023, Blue Noble says significant cost reductions have already been made, which equate to an energy intensity reduction of 4kWh/psm/pa from the implementation of building-wide efficiencies.

Targeted performance actions between tenancies has ensured that various sub-systems are only operating when required, with further optimisation ahead of any new tenancy.

Nicole Steed, Blue Noble’s director of asset management, said: “The optimisation of building operations drives financial performance of our assets. Hand-in-hand with this is the recognition that strong environmental stewardship leads to a virtuous circle of outcomes for investors, occupiers, team members and society in general.”

The company says the principles of ESG are at the core of its operating and investment strategy. Tight scrutiny of energy performance, bolstered with optimisation strategies, provides a tangible and measurable path to achieving better environmental stewardship outcomes.

This partnership demonstrates how insight to ongoing building performance addresses this crucial part of Blue Noble’s ESG strategy.

Demand Logic’s technology helps building owners and management teams shine a light on building performance, providing targeted recommendations to reduce energy intensity, and increase occupier comfort with data-driven maintenance insight.

The work at Brindleyplace is said to demonstrate the platform’s targeted optimisation capabilities, helping to quickly pin-point and realise efficiency gains, even within a narrow window.

Geoff Parsons, strategic partnerships manager at Demand Logic, said: “The work at Eleven Brindleyplace illustrates how building analytics is a cornerstone of ESG performance, translating real-time data into insights that drive sustainable actions and propel us toward a future built on efficiency, responsibility, and resilience.

“We are excited to be working with Blue Noble who demonstrate a readiness to adopt new technology and practices in order to deliver future-proofed property assets.”

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