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Discover the familiar design platform for all your 2D drafting, 3D modelling, mechanical design and BIM Projects.

Discover the world of BricsCAD®, an innovative and cost-effective DWG-based CAD platform for 2D, 3D, BIM and mechanical design. Part of Bricsys® the global provider of cost-effective, modern Computer-Aided Design, Building Information Modeling, Mechanical Design and Common Data Environment products.

More than a single product, our offering represents a family of products in the realist sense discover each one of them:

BricsCAD® Lite the best for 2D Drafting
• The fastest path to accurate 2D build & manufacturing documentation.
• Design at a higher level of detail, faster and more accurately, with the help of Machine Learning / AI.

BricsCAD® Pro the best for 3D Modeling
• Powerful Direct Modeling tools in BricsCAD® Pro treats native and imported geometry the same.
• The result is seamless 3D editing of all solids, regardless of their source.

BricsCAD® BIM is the best for Building Information Modeling.
• Begin conceptual modeling in 3D solids, then classify BIM elements automatically.
• Increase Level of Development consistently, with help from machine learning algorithms.
• Create associative detail drawings at any point in the BIM development workflow.

BricsCAD® Mechanical is the best for MCAD
• Create assemblies of parts to organize your complex 3D models.
• Using powerful 3D constraints, you can compose assemblies as top-down or bottom-up designs.

Download BricsCAD for FREE to discover the ideal CAD Software for People Who Build the Future!

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