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BuildData launches research institute for digital transformation

by Mark Cantrell
Emma Hooper, head of R&D at the BuildData Research Institute

A new research institute has launched to develop better understanding and drive innovation in the digital transformation of the built environment.

BuildData Group has launched the institute, which will seek influence digital information strategies, and develop management and modelling across the sector.

It will focus on the importance of information as data, its role today and tomorrow as a valuable asset, and devise strategies and concepts to build out an information theory that will drive better building outcomes.

The BuildData Research Institute will be led by Emma Hooper, head of R&D, who will be responsible for research and development across the group’s brands, Zutec & Createmaster.

Hooper said: “Our belief is that the industry requires a centre of excellence that looks at the bigger picture of information management and a common data framework, acting as think tank to help educate and shape data strategies.

“Our findings will feed into the wider work of BuildData Group to help provide the communications, services and products which will benefit one of the least digitised industry in the world – construction.

“However, crucially it will feed into the industry itself and how we can take an integrated approach to ensure better connected and structured data which has a consistent digital language as the industry moves towards a golden thread of information.”

The BuildData Research Institute launches with a new paper written by Hooper: Rethinking Information Management and Modelling, which focuses on whether the golden thread of information, a requirement of the Building Safety Act, is a product of good information management, asking the question and reviewing what needs to happen to improve the management of information across the built environment?

Gustave Geisendorf, chief executive at BuildData Group, said: “With an ever-evolving market, building regulations and standards, the Research Institute comes at a time when the role of information in the built environment has never been more necessary.

“It will not only enable us to deepen our knowledge and expertise of the built environment and changing landscape, but gives us the mechanism to share insight, thought leadership and research with the construction industry that helps shape its direction, particularly when it comes to building information management and modelling.

“We want to create a safer and more sustainable built environment, where information is as important as the building itself, and we will use our findings to educate the industry at large and drive new compelling events through digitalisation.”

Main image: Emma Hooper, Head of R&D, BuildData Research Institute

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