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BuildData says rebrand offers information management boost

by Mark Cantrell
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BuildData Group has announced it will combine two of its building information management tools under one brand.

The rebranding will see Bond Bryan Digital become Createmaster Information Management.

Gustave Geisendorf, chief executive at BuildData Group, said: “With both brands being credible market leaders, bringing Bond Bryan Digital into the Createmaster fold makes sense at a time when building information management is in the spotlight.”

Bond Bryan Digital is said to rationalise digital building information requirements for its customers, and provide information delivery based on industry best practice and international standards. This includes the UK BIM Framework and ISO 19650.

Createmaster, meanwhile, provides digital handover solutions, collating, validating, and delivering asset information and building manuals for customers to support Building Safety Act Gateway 3 compliance, and ensure a smooth handover at project completion.

By bringing them together under the same brand, BuildData says it will improve the way building information is specified, delivered and managed across the whole life of an asset.

Furthermore, the company says the combination will bring many benefits to players across the building lifecycle. From building design, construction and handover to operations and maintenance, this complementary fit in terms of solutions will support an industry navigating mandatory building information reform.

Geisendorf added: “New and updated standards and regulations, such as The Building Safety Act, put an emphasis on digitised building information, which is not only accessible, but accurate, discoverable and understandable. Therefore, having connected data is critical.

“Not only can we enhance the work we do for our customers but also respond to the changing regulatory landscape and built environment requirements faster. By creating simpler paths to navigate data and the digital ecosystem, we can develop a clear purpose-driven data approach that seamlessly integrates information and delivers more stakeholder trust.

“This will meet market requirements for a true golden thread of information, supporting compliance that leads to better building outcomes.”

Image credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

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