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Building Innovation Awards 2022: The winners

by Sion Geschwindt

Over 300 building professionals from across the country descended on Manchester’s Old Trafford last night (27 October) to celebrate the individuals, organisations and partnerships taking UK construction to the next level.

A total of twenty-two awards were up for grabs at this year’s Building Innovation Awards. The awards recognised innovations from across the sector, from construction drones and smart projects to carbon monitoring tools and firms who are at the forefront of the digital transformation of construction.

Laing O’Rourke and Buildots were the big winners on the night, along with Hayley McQuaid, Innovation Manager at Mace, who was crowned Innovation Champion.

Not everyone could take home an award but that didn’t stop the champagne from flowing and the celebrations from continuing into the small hours – with a little help from the Bankdeoke experience!

This year’s chosen charity was The Riff Raff Society, for whom attendees raised an impressive £2500.

A massive thanks to our winners, the judges, the sponsors and all those who entered and attended the Building Innovation Awards 2022.


Most Innovative On-Site Monitoring Tool – sponsored by Brilliant Ideas

Winner: Buildots

“The winner demonstrated an exceptional application of tech and workflow for more objectivity and efficiency in construction project progress monitoring”

Jon Rains, Investment Director, Mott MacDonald Ventures

Summary: The Buildots platform collects everything you could ever hope to know straight from the sites themselves. No opinions, no messengers. Just one central platform connecting you straight to reality. It provides a single source of truth for construction site activities. By collecting data with hardhat-mounted 360 cameras and processing this data with the most advanced AI-based technology, Buildots enables construction teams to keep building on schedule and flag mistakes in real time.

Best Use of AR / VR in a Construction Project – sponsored by Fexillon

Winner: VINCI Construction

“An excellent use of VR for HS&E, logistics planning and alternative optioning”

Cristina Savian, Founder & CEO, BE-WISE

Summary: Vinci Design and Digital Engineering Teams used their custom in-house VR technology to help visualise the complex construction of the first phase of one of the largest regeneration projects in the country – The Apex 1 development in London. The project involved the visualisation of complex design and build methodology of a 26 storey apartment building directly above two tube lines in New Covent Garden Market in a very restricted space.

Highly commended: Laing O’Rourke

Building Innovation Awards 2022

Summary: Laing O’Rourke is continually looking for ways in which colleague safety and wellbeing is safeguarded and built upon. One such innovative move is the design, development and deployment of ‘HS&E Hero’, a scenario-driven VR experience built with developers Sonovision. Through agile iterations, this immersive learning experience is designed to leverage the strengths of VR, and greatly improve the assimilation and retention of working at height learning, its risks, control measures and legal obligations.

Best Use of Drones in a Construction Project

Winner: ProDroneWorx Ltd

“It’s great to see drone surveys used for the entire lifecycle”

May Winfield, Global Director of Commercial, Legal and Digital Risks, Buro Happold

Summary: ProDroneWorx was engaged by Kier to produce regular survey grade accurate 2D/3D digital data for the entire construction lifecycle of HMP Five Wells using drone technology. The 2D/3D digital data enabled Kier to digitally manage the large project while providing deeper data insights, better collaboration on the project, improving data deliverables to clients e.g. Ministry of Justice, while reducing costs and risks.

Best Volumetric Modular Innovation – sponsored by MPBA

Winner: Laing O’Rourke and KONE

“This impressive volumetric modular solution doesn’t just optimise the construction process but also streamlines procurement”

David Philp, Director, Digital Consulting, Strategy & Innovation Europe at AECOM

Summary: The Modular Lift, a collaboration between Laing O’Rourke and KONE which pre-assembles over 95% of the recognised lift equipment off-site in a controlled environment, installed on site as intelligently designed volumetric components. The solution embodies MMC – enabling us to construct faster, safer and more efficiently. It is improving product quality, removing traditional challenges, and supports a more diverse and digitally-skilled workforce. Validated through experience, the Modular Lift will continue to transform elevator installation.

Best Panellised Modular Innovation – sponsored by MPBA

Winner: Psi-FAST panels – Innovare Systems

“Thoughtful detailing has improved the performance of the system significantly”

David Miller, Director, David Miller Architects

Summary: Psi-FAST is an evolution of Innovaré’s award-winning patented i-FAST system which uses increased panel thickness and staggered stud detailing to reduce U-values and psi-values whilst offering the capacity to include Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) elements such as factory-fitted vapour control, windows and cladding. With U-values as low as 0.10 W/m²K, Psi-FAST can be used as load bearing, wrap or infill panels. All components are recyclable, CE Marked or BBA Certified.

Most Innovative Restoration / Refurbishment Project – sponsored by TEXO

Winner: Benedetti Architects

“An outstanding project with a high degree of innovation embedded both creatively and intelligently on this significant landmark building”

Parveen Rai, Founder, Rai Investment Group

Summary: Comprehensive expansion/re-design of BAFTA’s Grade-II Listed 195 Piccadilly headquarters. Includes new top floor by raising/restoring two huge Victorian rooflight structures & decorative plasterwork considered lost 40-years, from 1883 Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. Enhances BAFTA’s international identity as UK centre of excellence for motion picture arts and games; integrating innovative heritage restoration, state-of-the-art technology and cost-in-use efficiency while sensitively balancing members’ needs with public access and revenue, ensuring the charity’s long-term social/environmental/financial sustainability.

Most Innovative Infrastructure Project – sponsored by MachineMax

Winner: Transpennine Route Upgrade West Alliance – Stalybridge to Ravensthorpe

“The project team seamlessly deployed digital techniques and tools to manage a huge team and masses of information”

David Miller, Director, David Miller Architects

Summary: The Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) is a multi-billion pound, multi-disciplinary, long-term infrastructure transformation programme. The Transpennine Rouute is the key East-West rail artery between Manchester and York; incorporating 25 stations, 285 bridges and viaducts, six miles of tunnels, and 29 level crossings.

The TRU Digital Construction team is using innovative smart construction techniques as part of business-as-usual working, to deliver to optimum efficiency, aligned to the Government’s ‘Construction 2025’ strategy and Digital Built Britain agenda.

Most Innovative Public Project – sponsored by TCW

Winner: The Welcome Building, RHS Garden Bridgewater – Hodder and Partners

“As a building, the ‘real world’ outcomes (e.g. visitor numbers) are outstanding. Its sustainable approach is enhanced bv the use of MMC to develop and install the innovative roof structure. Overall, this project demonstrates excellence in innovation”

David Shepherd, Product Manager, Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal

Summary: The Welcome Building is the gateway to RHS Garden Bridgewater in Salford. Its horizontal form responds to the commanding horizon defined by the Bridgwater Canal and low-lying landscape. The building adopts a ‘long life, loose fit and low energy’ strategy with an innovative 2160 sqm overarching prefabricated glulam roof structure supported on only sixteen columns maximising flexibility for the light-filled interior. With sustainability at its heart, the project embodies post-pandemic offerings for social engagement and wellbeing.

Most Innovative Commercial Project – sponsored by Bricsys

Winner: The Forge – Sir Robert McAlpine

“I was delighted to see a standardised “kit of parts” approach, a platform-led DfMA. This project shows how collaboration within a digital process can work on construction products”

Rick Hartwig, Built Environment Lead, The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)

Summary: The Forge is a 139,000 square foot, high-quality office development, comprising two buildings set to be finished to Cat A – not too unusual a proposition for central London. But its construction is anything but routine: it’s the world’s first large-scale office scheme to be built using a standardised “kit of parts”, an approach known as platform design for manufacture and assembly (P-DfMA).

Best Carbon Monitoring Tool

Winner: ONE Creative Environments

“This innovation is exceptional because its IoT integration provides accurate post-occupancy carbon ‘in use’ monitoring. Although One Creative is the sole early adopter, its potential to influence occupant behaviour is unique among the entrants”

David Shepherd, Product Manager, Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal

Summary: ONE TwinVis, the Digital Twin platform from ONE, combines the Internet of Things (IoT) with Building Information Models (BIM) with a scalable, accessible and visual approach to managing data within a Digital Twin environment. A game changer for Facilities Management and the drive for Net Zero, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Best Asset Management Innovation

Winner: Waldeck

“The winner demonstrated an innovative use of remote sensing to improve asset management”

Paul Howard, Product Innovation Lead at BRE

Summary: Waldeck have been continuing to work collaboratively with Network Rail’s team (R&D and Wales Route) and its university partner – Nottingham Trent. Network Rail’s aspirations to further the digitalisation of condition monitoring of their assets has led to trials being undertaken on much larger bridge complex structures.

The purpose of this trial was to stress test the capability of UAV technology, exploring the different ways in which UAV 360-degree image capture and UAV capture can be applied and exploited by Network Rail to capture these much larger structures.

The asset viewing solution has been developed to include the 360-degree navigation of much larger data sets and the development of the condition marking scoring system through the utilisation of the geometry and meta data within the BIM models produced from the point cloud data, enabling the informed and non-subjective decisions to be made by Network Rail’s asset care teams, providing essential insights into the asset conditions, and how it has changed progressively throughout its lifecycle.

Best Health & Safety Innovation

Winner: Trolex Ltd

“The winner’s innovation signals an impressive step-change that saves lives by enabling practical regulatory change”

Jon Rains, Investment Director, Mott MacDonald Ventures

Summary: The Air XS Silica Monitor from Trolex is a world-first advancement delivering real-time RCS detection, something that has been sought after for decades. Considered ‘the Holy Grail of Health and Safety Technology’ both because of the huge amount of harm being caused by these particulates, but also because of the extreme difficulty in achieving this outcome, Air XS delivers it in a low-cost and easy-to-use package. A real world-first from a family-owned UK manufacturer.

Best Use of Information Management using BIM – sponsored by nima

Winner: Mott MacDonald

“It is great to see how BIM is being used to support the standardisation of components”

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction at UKRI

Summary: The Asset Information Database project developed and tested on multiple projects utilises the state-of-the-art technology in BIM, CDE, Databases and Dashboarding to provide an integrated solution capable of providing quasi real time information to the whole project team. Information on model completeness and validation, quantities and life-cycle carbon calculations allow the project team to save time and resources and move to higher tier valuable tasks.

Most Innovative New Product (Hardware) – sponsored by Futurebuild

Winner: The m.e Platform – measurable.energy

“This is an outstanding product with universal application that is a game changer in energy reduction and can help drive consumer behaviour”

Rick Hartwig, Built Environment Lead, The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)

Summary: measurable.energy automatically identifies and eliminates wasted energy from commercial buildings. They do this by using machine learning enabled hardware and software capable of automatically identifying when devices plugged into plug sockets are wasting energy. The system then remotely turns these devices off saving businesses tonnes of avoided yearly GHG emissions and thousands of pounds off their electricity bills. It also provides preventative maintenance, behavioural change, gamification and integrates into Demand Side Response.

Most Innovative New Product (Software)

Winner: Buildots

“The idea of a mission control for construction sites is simply inspiring”

Paul Howard, Product Innovation Lead at BRE

Summary: The Buildots platform collects everything you could ever hope to know straight from the sites themselves. No opinions, no messengers. Just one central platform connecting you straight to reality. It provides a single source of truth for construction site activities. By collecting data with hardhat-mounted 360 cameras and processing this data with the most advanced AI-based technology, Buildots enables construction teams to keep building on schedule and flag mistakes in real time.

Best Digital Transformation – sponsored by revizto

Winner: Coventry University

“A great example of the application of BIM and digital twins to manage a complex portfolio and project requirements”

May Winfield, Global Director of Commercial, Legal and Digital Risks, Buro Happold

Summary: Coventry University has undergone a massive digital transformation of the Estates information management processes. This initiative helped transform the way the Estates teams operate and handle data from paper based to structured fully digitised information while working to integrate data with the wider systems which forms the foundation of Coventry University Digital Twin.

Most Innovative SME – sponsored by Re-flow Field Management

Winner: Trustmgt

“This company is doing something really different by looking at how to improve the biodiversity of an area where building projects take place. This is true innovation and thinking outside the box as to how we can minimise the impact construction can have on our wildlife and natural habitat.”

Kay Rogage, Senior Lecturer in Digital Living, Northumbria University

Summary: Trustmgt is an organisation that is making waves in the construction industry, providing an unparalleled management service that is focused on building communities and environments that thrive.

It is dedicated to improving the habitats within its managed areas, for the benefit of the local community and the wildlife it supports. The company strives to make a positive impact and employ a long-sighted approach to monitoring and maintenance.

Most Innovative Consultancy – sponsored by GlenDimplex Heating & Ventilation

Winner: Bond Bryan Digital

“Bond Bryan Digital is clearly pushing innovation within an impressive client base”

May Winfield, Global Director of Commercial, Legal and Digital Risks, Buro Happold

Summary: Bond Bryan Digital is a leading information management and building information modelling (BIM) consultancy. It centres its work around best practice, including national and international standards. Its approach allows the company to help clients clearly set out detailed information requirements and allows delivery teams to deliver the information clients really want, when they want it. The firm removes the complexity of information management and help to deliver reliable, robust and reusable information to all its clients.

Most Innovative Supplier

Winner: Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

“Ambient distribution with localised heat pumps could provide valuable flexibility to mixed use/multi owner buildings”

David Shepherd, Product Manager, Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal

Summary: The Zeroth Energy system is a revolution in the application of heat pump technology in modern buildings. It innovative use of an ambient temperature network and in-apartment heat pumps delivers a wide range of benefits to communal and mixed-use buildings. Supportive of compliance with new Building Regulations it is easy to install and creates flexible, desirable living spaces.

Most Innovative Contractor – sponsored by C-PROBE

Winner: Laing O’Rourke

“The winner demonstrated a diverse portfolio of innovation and inward investment in both technology and its workforce”

David Philp, Director – Digital Consulting, Strategy & Innovation Europe, Aecom

Summary: Laing O’Rourke is an international engineering and construction company delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure and buildings projects. They deliver certainty for clients based on an operating model that harnesses new technologies to maximise the use of pioneering modern methods of construction. They invest over £30m per annum in technology and innovation and have delivered multiple new product developments including deploying digital modular bridges for HS2, a Modular Lift pre-manufactured Pilot and a Product Based Building Solutions Demonstrator.

Best Technology Partner – sponsed by xbim

Winner: Integrated Environmental Solutions – IES Ltd

“The winner clearly demonstrated how their technology has bought tangible sustainability benefits and quantifiable cost savings for multiple clients across a diverse range of projects”

Cristina Savian, Founder & CEO, BE-WISE

Summary: Over the last 25+ years IES has built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance-based analysis for the built environment. Its ICL Digital Twin technology now facilitates the decarbonisation of built-environments of any size or purpose – supporting citizens, companies, campuses, communities, cities and even countries in their journeys to net-zero. IES’s technical capabilities and processes have been proven on a wide range of innovative, high-profile projects worldwide, delivering exceptional results.

Highly commended: BigChange

“BigChange deserves honourable mention for its proven job management innovations that improve efficiency for SMEs as much as for top-tier contractors”

David Shepherd, Product Manager, Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal

Summary: BigChange is leading a revolution in construction, accelerating growth and sustainability, and driving digital transformation for small-to-medium building services, facilities management and property maintenance firms.

BigChange makes running construction operations a breeze: replacing paper-based reporting and ‘death by spreadsheet’ job management with an intuitive digital system that streamlines operations, supports exceptional customer experiences and enables firms to win more work.

For every £1 spent on BigChange, customers achieve £15 in improved efficiencies and other benefits.

Innovation Champion 2022

Winner: Hayley McQuaid, Mace

“Hayley is clearly a professional and dedicated leader of innovation”

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction at UKRI

Summary: Hayley is the Innovation and Value Manager for Mace Dragados JV working on the HS2 Euston Station project. She is a highly motivated and passionate individual who has made innovation business-as-usual by championing it at every level and making herself a visible member of a large infrastructure project. She is a true team player and believes in true collaboration at every step of an innovations’ journey.



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