C365Cloud – One System for all compliance areas.

C365Cloud are an industry leading, award-winning compliance software provider based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.  Our software is focused on streamlining and simplifying processes, providing one evidence based system for all compliance areas, mitigating risk and the administrative burden for organisations. The system allows users to manage their compliance by exception ensuring actions can be tracked to conclusion through easy to access dashboards and unlimited reporting, providing a full audit trail and legally defensible position.

Our team of experts are ideally placed to help you improve compliance, reduce risk and achieve the working efficiencies and cost reductions that have been proven within a growing customer base. Our service achieves very high levels of customer satisfaction and our clients are always happy to share their experiences of the significant benefits that C365Cloud have delivered to their compliance performance.

Cost Effective and Scalable for All Organisation

The system is modular in design with the annual subscription charges based upon the number of compliance modules and number of properties managed by the system, making it both scalable and affordable for all sizes of organisations. Our flexible platform manages over 100 areas of compliance including:

• The ‘Big 6’ – Fire, Asbestos, Gas, Electric, Legionella, LOLER

• Health & Safety policies & processes 

• Supply chain and direct labour activity

• Statutory& Periodic (PPM) organisational compliance

• Asset maintenance & management 

• Mobile Enabled Data Capture (EDC) and Bespoke Forms

• Self-Service Help Desk

It allows organisations to proactively and by exception manage and monitor compliance across multiple companies, sub-companies, premises, and groupings. 

See Your Organisations Compliance in Real Time

Our system utilises a hierarchal real time standard and bespoke Dashboard system RAG (Red, Amber, and Green) to quickly display a company’s current compliance status. When an exception is identified, internal users and 3rd party suppliers are alerted by email of the action required. Any exceptions and recommended actions can then be tracked to a conclusion. The data generating these dashboards is exportable into Microsoft Excel should a more detailed analysis be required. Supported by real time on device QA organisations can have confidence in the statistic provided and crucially be able to immediately identify and access the documentation underpinning the dashboards. 

C365Cloud provides users with the ability to request automatic notifications and ad-hoc user reports. These can be sent via email and can include escalations based upon risk and RAG. More detailed summary reports e.g. Board Reports, Budget Forecasts, and supplier KPIs can be automatically produced for each specific user, based upon their specific needs.

For more information on how C365Cloud can help your organisation to streamline your compliance processes, get in touch with our team who would be happy to provide you with a demo:

T: 01924 669940

E: info@C365Cloud.co.uk

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