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Calumino bags $10.3m to scale thermal sensing platform

by Maryam Bint-Kazam
Thermal sensor

Calumino, a developer of thermal sensor technology and AI, has secured $10.3m in a Series A funding round led by Celesta Capital and Taronga Ventures.

Calumino’s sensing platform aggregates new and valuable data points on human presence, activity, hazards, and the environment. The technology has a broad range of applications, including for smart building management.

Sensing temperatures rather than light, the Calumino thermal sensor maps environments, assets, and individuals and has the ability to detect human presence, activity, and posture. It can also differentiate humans from animals and detect hazardous hotspots, fires, water leaks, and other anomalies.

This data is essential for saving energy, increasing business operation efficiencies, increasing security and safety, improving life quality, and saving lives, the company said.

The sensor has been designed with a sufficiently low resolution to protect an individual’s privacy.

The Series A funding follows the commercialisation of Calumino’s technology in the areas of commercial building management and pest control. 

Marek Steffanson, founder and CEO of Calumino, said: “We are incredibly excited about this partnership and plan to roll this product out globally with our partners.

“No other technology can differentiate between humans and rodents reliably, in darkness, affordably, intelligently, and with very low data bandwidth – but this application is just the beginning.

“Our technology is creating an entirely new space in the market and we are incredibly grateful to our investors for their support as we continue to scale production and enable the next generation of intelligent sensing to solve important problems.”

The team also plans to further invest in research and development, as well as expand its global team including new offices in Europe, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Nicholas Brathwaite, founding managing partner of Celesta Capital, said: “Calumino’s unique technology is helping to drive the proliferation of IoT – the intelligence of things – and enabling for the first time intelligent thermal imaging that is cost-effective, privacy-protecting, and scalable to mass markets.

“Celesta is excited to offer our financial and intellectual capital support to help Calumino pursue their bold ambitions in becoming the ultimate IoT technology.”

Sven Sylvester, investment director at Taronga Ventures, said: “Calumino’s affordable and intelligent technology is changing the standard of how we live, work and play in real assets.

“The unique data and insights that Calumino is able to provide will enable asset owners to create safe, secure, and healthy environments using market-leading technology.”

Image: PongMoji/Shutterstock

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