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Cast and KOPE launch MMC Market

by Sion Geschwindt
Cast and KOPE launch MMC Market

Cast Consultancy, in collaboration with construction technology company, KOPE, formally launched MMC Market, a free to use offsite knowledge platform, at an event in London this week.

MMC Market has been established to help the industry build its awareness and understanding of MMC solutions and applications across all 7 categories of the UK Government’s MMC Definition Framework.

These categories are:

  • volumetric systems
  • 2D structural systems
  • non-systemised structure
  • 3D-printed systems
  • assemblies
  • product-based improvements
  • site-based improvements

The platform sets out the available supply chain options, their level of technical accreditation and showcases projects where different types of MMC has been used.

It is primarily aimed at guiding and supporting developing clients, advisors, funders, insurers and contractors in evaluating options for how MMC can be embedded into projects at an early stage so the full benefits can be harnessed and buildings can be designed for higher productivity and efficiency and lower carbon from the outset with incremental and appropriate increase in Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV).

Event summary

With introductory remarks from Cast CEO, Mark Farmer and KOPE founder, Mark Thorley, the event featured a high profile panel including Darryl Flay of Goodstone Living, Steve Wightman of Faithful & Gould and Maribel Mantecon of HTA Design, alongside Edward Jezeph of Homes England.

The benefits of productivity set against a declining workforce, lower carbon credentials, improved health & safety, build quality, speed and ability to better diversify the workforce were all attributes raised by the panel.

All illustrated the reasons for the inexorable growth of MMC use despite the challenges faced in effecting change in the construction industry. The panel identified accelerating use and breaking down barriers to adoption as key priority areas.

Mark Farmer, founding director and CEO of Cast, said: “MMC Market is a vital new tool for creating a modernised and sustainable construction industry – something that we at Cast believe is key to the survival of our sector.

“We hope that by developing and curating this platform we can help push MMC into the mainstream of our industry, galvanising a technological revolution in construction that will help us meet the combined challenges of deepening labour shortages, insufficient quality and quantity of new housing and responding to the climate change agenda. ”

Mark Thorley, co-founder and CEO of KOPE, said: “We built MMC Market to connect the full range of stakeholders involved in the construction sector, while giving a forum to showcase the positive outcomes achieved by those leading MMC delivery.

“MMC Market aims to increase transparency and grow confidence in the sector’s ability to fund, develop and construct successful MMC projects. We hope this platform will become a self-sustaining repository of the most important data on our sector, helping to break down barriers to accessing the most exciting innovations in construction.”

MMC Market is supported and endorsed by NHBC, BOPAS and the Offsite Alliance and aims to ensure technical standards, capability and confidence building in innovative solutions are at the heart of the platform’s curation.

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