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Construction data dictionary now available in the UK market

by Sion Geschwindt
Willmott Dixon has picked Barbour ABI as its exclusive provider of construction intelligence.

A new UK data dictionary has been launched, facilitated by Norwegian construction technology firm Cobuilder, that allows construction professionals to access the same information in an industry-agreed and structured format.

The purpose of a data dictionary is to enhance the golden thread by providing information from trusted standard-based data models.

The new UK data dictionary is structured to support the implementation of ISO 19650, the international standard for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset using building information modelling.

The dictionary holds content based on information sources like BSI (British Standards Institute), RIBA stages, Uniclass and more.

By getting access to the ready-to-use content in the data dictionary, various construction industry actors can apply it in their own organisations, taking substantial leaps towards standards-based management of their data, ensuring interoperability and repeatability.

Most importantly it can support actors to prepare for complex environmental legislation and will help them face the challenges of transitioning to a circular economy, said the firm.

Contractors and other built environment actors can use standardised data in projects to improve business processes, such as cost calculations, design, purchasing, carbon footprint calculations and more.

As the dictionary holds a common machine-readable language, it can provide common purposes, milestones, classifications and introduce the concept of data templates for construction objects.

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