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Cobuilder selected to drive digitisation of Czech construction sector

by Sion Geschwindt
Cobuilder selected to drive digitisation of Czech construction sector

Norwegian construction software provider Cobuilder and the Czech Standardisation Agency (CAS) have signed an agreement to support the digital transformation of the construction sector in the Czech Republic.

The strategic partnership looks to implement an efficient information management system that will enable the adoption of a Data Standard for Building Information Model (DSBIM) – a common digital language for the national construction sector.

The goal is to facilitate a seamless and transparent digital information flow across the Czech construction value chain and support the construction sector stakeholders in managing data requirements for built assets throughout their lifecycle.

The collaboration includes different system integrations and implementation of the Czech Data Standard for DSBIM, supported by the industry-agreed Define data dictionary and Cobuilder’s software solutions.

The project is expected to contribute to more efficient management of complex environmental requirements in pursuit of sustainability goals.

Jaroslav Nechyba, director of BIM strategy department at CAS, said: “The Data Standard for Building Information Model (DSBIM) is one of the key pillars in our BIM strategy to help the Czech construction industry on its way to Construction 4.0.

“Collaboration with Cobuilder gives us an opportunity to use proofed and powerful information systems not only to accelerate the development of the DSBIM but also open it for easy use by the whole sector.

“We believe that the collaboration with Cobuilder will help us accelerate the digital transformation of the whole national construction market.”

Antony Brophy, director of Business Development at Cobuilder UK, said: “We are very pleased that we have been selected as the main partner in such an important project which will impact the entire Czech construction sector, propelling it into the digital shift.”

Brophy believes that standardised construction data and a common digital language are the universal keys to achieving consistency in any national and international construction market, and ultimately an important enabler for creating a better and more sustainable built environment.

He continued: “The Czech Republic is now one of the countries that are leading the way on how to digitally transform the construction industry on a national level.

“The methodologies and practices implemented in this large-scale project are applicable in other countries too, including the UK. 

“As an industry we need to think global and act local. We need ‘competent’ people doing the ‘right things’ and everyone providing evidence.”

Image credit: mantinov/Shutterstock

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