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Concept Bespoke Interiors and SymTerra: Unlocking digital efficiency

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Concept Bespoke Interiors and SymTerra: Unlocking digital efficiency

SymTerra looks at how their collaboration with Concept Bespoke Interiors exemplifies the transformative potential of digital tools in the construction sector


Concept Bespoke Interiors (CBI), a distinguished London-based construction company, renowned for delivering luxury homes with an emphasis on bespoke services, recognised the need to innovate their documentation process. They sought a digital solution to replace their traditional paper-based system.

Solution Implementation

Partnering with SymTerra, CBI leveraged the comprehensive digital platform to streamline their operations.

The Form Builder feature helped CBI to convert many of their standard Health & Safety (H&S) forms on SymTerra, leading to the generation of over 1000 documents in the first year.

This transition not only digitised their existing forms but fostered the creation of dozens of custom forms, thereby driving significant resource savings and elevating operational efficiency.

Key Achievements

The Form Builder feature considerably streamlined documentation processes, yielding substantial time and cost savings. The daily digest email feature of SymTerra, automated to provide a comprehensive summary of updates at 6 AM daily, kept the management constantly informed, enhancing decision-making.

Additionally, the collaboration between CBI and SymTerra in crafting unique dashboards using Looker Studio / PowerBI showcased CBI’s expertise in creating custom solutions that cater to their unique needs.

CBI’s expertise in custom solutions was further displayed by their collaborative creation of unique dashboards with SymTerra, using their data and Looker Studio / PowerBI to create interfaces that cater specifically to their unique needs.

CBI actively engaged with SymTerra to provide invaluable feedback and suggestions. Noteworthy contributions included an automatic PDF naming feature and varied question types on the Form Builder, which were integrated into SymTerra, enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience.

  • Digital Transition: The ease of use of SymTerra’s platform facilitated a smooth shift from paper to digital, enhancing record-keeping accuracy and accessibility
  • Environmental Impact: The digital transformation had a positive environmental footprint by significantly reducing paper usage
  • Custom Dashboards: CBI’s collaboration with SymTerra led to the creation of unique dashboards, tailored to meet CBI’s specific needs, showcasing the flexibility and collaborative potential of the SymTerra platform

Comments from the field

Richard Carlow, Construction director at Concept Bespoke Interiors:

“Whilst everything that is new requires time to adopt, the team at Symterra have been quick to provide support whenever called upon, and they have been instrumental in helping us to put in place more efficient administrative practices to cover our every day site & project activities.”


The collaboration between Concept Bespoke Interiors and SymTerra exemplifies the transformative potential of digital tools in the construction sector.

By leveraging SymTerra’s innovative features, particularly the Form Builder, CBI not only enhanced operational efficiency but also contributed to the platform’s evolution, embodying a true partnership aimed at fostering digital transformation in the construction industry.

Build in Digital Stakeholder SymTerra is a construction site management software firm that provides a simple, instant and integrated method for the entire supply chain of any project to communicate, collaborate and capture vital information at the point of work.

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