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Construct.id launched to fight exploitation and fraud in construction industry

by Maryam Bint-Kazam

Construct.id, a new platform designed to combat modern slavery and fake credentials by verifying UK construction worker digital identity and qualifications, has been launched.

Construct.id aims to provide a one-stop solution for skilled workers, subcontractors and contractors, offering quick access to verified information about workers’ identities, qualifications and skill sets.

The platform addresses a range of issues, including modern slavery, data silos, lengthy onboarding procedures and a lack of digital standards, according to a company announcement.

Contractor Willmott Dixon is supporting it and the team behind Construct.id hopes it may become an industry-wide standard.

A free app allows professionals to securely store and showcase their credentials, certifications and work history.

This platform also gives contractors access to a portal to set standards, gain complete visibility into the supply chain process and ensure workers have valid credentials.

Martin Ward, a co-founder and managing director of Construct.id explains in a LinkedIn post.

He said: “Don’t think about Construct.id as an app or software – it is a movement.

“A movement to change the industry supporting workers, supply-chain partners and contracting organizations.”

The platform provides free right-to-work checks to government standards, allowing organizations to ensure that everyone working on their sites is legally entitled to do so.

The company says this feature has the potential to reduce labor abuse and modern slavery across supply chains, as well as provide a valuable source of information to employers.

Ward added: “There is a reason so many construction organisations are engaging with us, as the value is undeniable.

“The more organisations that get onboard, the more awarding bodies we connect with, the bigger the benefit to the industry.”

Construct.id says its founders bring abundant knowledge in technology and systems in construction to the table.

Chris Hurley brings his expertise from digital identity technology in the aviation sector, while Dominic Howkins and Martin Ward have a combined 55 years of experience in technology and systems within the construction industry.

Last month, the British government revised its guidelines to help employers and landlords in utilizing authorized digital identity service companies (IDSPs) to execute identity checks under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF).

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