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Construction Innovation Hub launches tool for local authority construction projects

by Liam Turner
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The Construction Innovation Hub has launched a new tool – The Local Authority Government Soft Landings (GSL) Interactive Navigator ­ ­– to help councils to transform how they design, build and use their buildings digitally. 

It has been developed in association with the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) and the Local Government Association (LGA) to get the most out of local authority buildings and estates.

The GSL framework asks and answers key questions about how a building or asset will be used to ensure that user needs are central to the design and construction process. It also supports a smooth transition (soft landing) between design and construction teams and the people that operate and use public buildings and facilities.

David Philp, the Construction Innovation Hub’s digital impact director said: “Government Soft Landings (GSL) is all about a focus on the long-term use and performance of an asset which is especially important for local councils who manage a complex portfolio of buildings and assets and have to consider value for money for the taxpayer as well as delivering on their commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

“GSL is fundamental to maintaining the ‘golden thread’ of a facility’s purpose by aligning the interests of those who commission, design and construct an asset with those who use and maintain it. The approach supports greater collaborative work, best practice and shared learnings throughout the supply chain, so all partners embrace a whole-life mindset, and are working to a shared goal of putting people’s needs at the heart of construction. Whole-life value is at the heart of these projects and at the very core of the Government Soft Landings (GSL) approach as its guidance puts the end user at the heart of the planning, design and construction process.”

Keith Heard, Chair of NACF, said: “The need to improve the value offered by our construction activities is a key objective of the Local Government Soft Landings strategy. GSL can help to transform the briefing design, construction and handover process, to maintain a ‘golden thread’ of a public building or facility’s purpose and also enables structured monitoring of performance standards during delivery and facility operation. This interactive process map will help you to practically apply GSL on your project.”

The GSL navigator is supported by a suite of tools developed by the Construction Innovation Hub’s Local Authorities Working Group to enable digital transformation in local authorities. Find out more about the BIM Early Steps Roadmap and other tools for local authorities at www.cdbb.cam.ac.uk/localauthorities.

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