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Construction Playbook updated to account for Building Safety Act

by Sion Geschwindt
Construction Playbook updated to account for Building Safety Act

The Construction Playbook has been revised to take account of the Building Safety Act. First published in December 2020, this is the first revision to the playbook.

The revisions address carbon reporting, digital and offsite manufacturing technologies and the Building Safety Act. They also provide access to more resources to aid client/contractor collaboration.

Fergus Harradence, deputy director for infrastructure & construction at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said: “This is the culmination of six months work. It has involved people from across Whitehall and the construction sector, many of whom have worked on this in addition to their day jobs. The outcome is an improved playbook, and supporting guidance.

“It provides a clearer and more comprehensive approach, as well as practical resources that will help public sector clients and the construction sector manage and report on carbon emissions. It will also improve the environmental performance of projects and programmes.

He said the revisions emphasise the importance of using digital and offsite manufacturing technologies to deliver government-funded programmes, and the importance of data interoperability.

He added: “[It also] updates the playbook to take account of key legislative developments, including the Building Safety Act 2022, and the Environment Act 2021, both of which have significant implications for the way in which the industry needs to operate in future.

“The playbook provides contracting authorities and the industry with access to a much wider range of external resources (toolkits, advice and guidance, promoting the circular economy and contractual clauses) to support their efforts and enable them to work more collaboratively and effectively together.”

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