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Contech startup SymTerra snaps up first 100 subscribers

by Sion Geschwindt

London-based contech startup, SymTerra, has hit a major subscription milestone a mere three months since public launch of its subscription app. 

The startup signed its first 100 new subscribers – including large national utilities companies, rail infrastructure companies and small to medium sized general contractors – with over 500 active users operating across over 200 UK wide projects.  

SymTerra has developed a construction site management software often referred to as ‘slack for construction.’ The app offers users greater visibility of data and records from site, with a clear and accessible thread of communications across the supply chain.

Following the launch of Freemium subscriptions in early September 2022, SymTerra has been adopted by a wide range of users on an equally wide range of sites – from major platform extensions for Crossrail, to maintenance Rail Lines across the country, from a refurbishment of a caravan park in North Wales to a castle in the Highlands.  

John Ryan, CEO and co-founder of SymTerra, commented: “We’ve been on a huge journey with our initial customers, including the likes of Kier, Thames Water, Transport for London and Balfour Beatty, working closely with users to develop and enhance the features that can enable the greatest level of visibility, confidence and efficiency for site teams.  

“The launch of the Freemium subscription was intended to level the playing field across the supply chain in construction – we wanted to create a digital tool that would give ground up access to a wide range of companies, especially those that may not have the benefit of huge budgets or proprietary software. 

“We believe that the more inclusive the digital adoption across the sector, the greater the impact in getting all parties recording and managing quality data, saving time, managing out risk and conflict and ultimately, managing ‘in’ stronger commercial defensibility.” 

Developed by co-founders Sarah Crawley and John Ryan, both ex-construction professionals with a broad range of site experience, SymTerra was built for site workers, for whom the intuitive, functionality and ease-of-use was specifically designed.   

COO and co-founder Sarah Crawley, said: “Across the 3,870km of works in rail, and on a huge variety of new and refurbishment projects in infrastructure, utilities and construction, the features that resonate most with users and receive the greatest feedback are those that allow teams to communicate with confidence and privacy, eliminates double-do of complex paperwork across the project supply chain, and importantly, enables project teams instant access to information so that they can operate in coordination, not in silos.”  

SymTerra says it will continue to focus on building its user base across the construction and infrastructure sector on its mission to democratise access to digital tools; empowering site teams from organisations of all sizes to take ownership and control of project data.

Working closely with users to develop and enhance the platform and features will be a key priority in 2023, as well as continuing to grow its team and build its profile in the industry.  

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