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Costain joins EasyJet and Airbus to accelerate hydrogen infrastructure

by Sion Geschwindt
a hydrogen-powered airplane

Costain has teamed up with EasyJet, Airbus and six other industrial heavyweights to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure.

The other members of the Hydrogen South West consortium are Hynamics (EDF), GKN Aerospace, Wood, and regional leaders Bristol PortBristol Airport, and Wales and West Utilities

The consortium aims to facilitate cross-sector partnerships to produce, utilise, capture, store and transport hydrogen across the South West and beyond, and focuses on decarbonising key industries such as shipping, aviation, and housing.

Several pilot projects are already underway under the Hydrogen South West partnership, including a ‘hydrogen hub’ at Bristol Port, the introduction of hydrogen-powered aircraft to EasyJet’s fleet, and the launch of Airbus’ Zero Emission Development Centre (ZEDC) for hydrogen technologies.

Andy Clarke, director of Integrated Transport at Costain, said: “The south west is perfectly positioned to link greener energy, heat and power with key transportation modes including shipping lanes and flight paths, building on its rich history of developing innovative transport connections.

“These connections make it the obvious choice for creating an ecosystem for the roll out of hydrogen to the UK.  

“At Costain, we see moving away from carbon-based fuels for transportation as critical to our efforts to enable healthier, happier, and better-connected communities.

“By leveraging innovative technologies and even more collaborative ways of working, we can enable seamless, cleaner, and more active journeys for customers.” 

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