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Danish architect MAST develops modular system for floating buildings

by Sion Geschwindt
Danish architect MAST develops modular system for floating buildings

Danish maritime architecture studio MAST has developed a flat-packed modular system for constructing floating buildings.

The Land on Water system is made up of simple flat-packed modules made from recycled reinforced plastic.

The design has been developed with support from construction magnate Hubert Rhomberg and venture studio Fragile.

MAST says the system can be easily transported around the globe and assembled in different configurations to suit a range of building types, from saunas and homes to campsites and pavilions.

The system was inspired by gabion construction, an ancient technology which utilises mesh cages filled with rubble to create sturdy, low cost foundations.

Danish architect MAST develops for modular floating homes
The Land on Water system (credit: MAST)

The modular ‘cages’ are filled with up-cycled floatation material which supports the weight of the structure above.

MAST says climate change is spurring an interest in building on water but that current solutions, including polystyrene filled concrete foundations and plastic pontoons are “inflexible, difficult to transport and highly unsustainable.” 

Land on water aims to provide a climate resilient and adaptable solution for the construction of new floating buildings worldwide.

MAST was recently selected by the Municipality of Segrate to develop a former quarry into a new leisure precinct on the outskirts of Milan, Italy. The project will include a new public walkway, wellness centre, restaurant and floating accommodation as well as boat rental facilities.

Image credit: MAST

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