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Drone companies team up to boost jobsite surveying capabilities

by Sion Geschwindt
Quantum-Systems is putting Propeller Aero's software platform on its drones for worksite surveying and 3D mapping. Quatum-Systems

Drone maker Quantum-Systems and Propeller Aero, which develops drone software, are teaming up to combine their software and hardware to improve worksite surveying and 3D mapping. 

Propeller’s Post-Processed Kinematic solution (PPK) will be installed on Quantum-Systems’ Trinity F90+ drone.

The companies say construction contractors and those in related fields will be able to significantly reduce the time it takes to collect and share site data.

Richie Hadfield, head of product at Propeller Aero, said: “Today’s contractors and surveyors are eager to adopt new technologies that modernise workflows and allow them to analyse more aspects of their worksite than ever before.

“The clients we work with are doing cutting-edge work in the construction, earthworks, and mining space and are already using drone technology to accelerate project timelines, reduce costly rework, and create safer environments for their employees.

“Our new partnership with Quantum-Systems gives our customers in Europe and around the world even more ways to achieve this increased efficiency and accuracy with the highly advanced F90+ drone.”

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Trinity F90+ drone builds on Quantum-Systems’ previous electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft models. The drone can fly for up to 90 minutes, which is well beyond the industry standard of 60 minutes, the company said.

To use the combined solution, surveyors place Propeller AeroPoints (smart ground control points) around the worksite, fly the Trinity F90+ drone above to collect survey data and upload that data to Propeller’s cloud-based platform.

Florian Seibel, co-founder and CEO of Quantum-Systems, said: “The drone industry has progressed a lot over the last couple of years, along with customer expectations.

“It is no longer reasonable to have customers figure out a complete solution for their needs.

“As a technology company, we listen to our customers and understand their needs and how best to address them. With the full Trimble Stratus solution completed with Trinity F90+, customers can proactively finish their projects from end to end.”

Image: Quantum-Systems is putting Propeller Aero’s software platform on its drones for worksite surveying and 3D mapping (credit: Quantum-Systems)

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