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Dutch digital twin project wins EU funding

by Sion Geschwindt
Argaleo digital twin

The European Union has granted €800,000 (£670,000) to support the development of a digital twin smart city project in the Netherlands.

The ‘Smart City Monitor’ platform is being developed by a Dutch consortium of commercial, governmental, and educational organisations to provide insights on inner city visitor and traffic flows as well as statistics on air quality, visitor experience, and more.

The consortium comprises the municipality of Den Bosch, the City of Breda, Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Breda University of Applied Sciences, and intelligent data companies, Argaleo and Geodan.

The monitor was developed on Argaleo’s digital twin platform, Digitwin, a scalable application with modules combining location intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) predictions, real-time data, and business intelligence.

Argaleo said that linking the different data will help to provide evidence-based solutions for intelligent provisioning, sustainable transport, and greening of cities.

Other benefits include entrepreneurs having the tools to adjust their planning and marketing based on anticipated traffic.

Insight into the length of stay and travel can also help tackle bottlenecks on popular bicycle and car routes.

Jan Hoskam, municipal executive of Den Bosch, said: “With this EU grant, we can further apply smart data to our city plans.

“We’re partnering up with other organisations to create a healthy, thriving inner city. Joining educational and business forces, we can expand our shared knowledge and arrive at innovative solutions for current and future challenges.”

React-EU was established to make additional resources available for an accelerated and resilient economic recovery after Covid-19.

Smart City Monitor is contributing to the project which will run until the end of 2023.

Image credit: Argaleo

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