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Ecopia AI secures $8m to map Canadian cities in 3D

by Sion Geschwindt
Ecopia AI secures $8m to map Canadian cities in 3D

Toronto-based Ecopia AI has secured $8m from the Canadian government’s cleantech fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (“SDTC”), to create high-precision 3D vector maps across the country’s top 100 cities.

By creating a digital representation of Canada’s cities, the initiative aims to improve urban management – including the acceleration of net-zero initiatives such as rooftop solar installations, tree-canopy coverage assessment, and enhanced flood mapping.

Ecopia will leverage its AI-based mapping systems to mine high-resolution multi-view aerial imagery.

The resulting map will offer a highly accurate digital representation of every building, road, bridge, railway, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, sports field, waterbody, forest, grassland, bare land, and paved area across each city.

The project will also create the foundation of a digital twin for cities across the country, said Ecopia’s president and co-founder, Jon Lipinski.

Leah Lawrence, president and CEO of SDTC, commented: “Big data plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining optimum environmental sustainability.

“With this funding, SDTC is proud to help Ecopia optimise their data solution, paving the way for bigger market opportunities and greater sustainability.”

Canada has historically operated without a high-precision, uniform digital representation of its cities.

Image credit: shuttersv/Shutterstock

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