Ed Controls

Work smart, save time with Ed Controls. The ultimate snagging tool, tried, tested, and loved by construction workers across the world.

Created by two Dutchmen, Ed Controls is direct and robust with an intuitive design and feel.

The app is specifically designed for workers who need to finish a project within a limited period.

By creating an app which delivers a complete overview of open, closed and archived tickets, Ed Controls creates order in the chaos of your projects so that you can focus on the important part, even if you’re working remotely!

We know that a picture speaks a thousand words, with the camera function, you can to snap a picture of the defect on site and assign the ticket to the right person.

This means that the assigned person can gauge the extent of the issue before they get to site and therefore better allocate their time.

The camera function can also be used to evidence completed work or explain why a task could not be completed, for example if a leak was bigger than first anticipated.

Ed Controls’ mission is to improve the working lives of people in construction. The overview that Ed Controls provides, creates a sense of order, enabling workers to focus on the tasks at hand and prevents feeling overwhelmed.

Available on desktop or though the Ed Controls app, users report better communication between colleagues and higher quality end results.

Get in touch for more information and a free demo!

UK Account Manager: Sjoerd Springer

Email: info@edcontrols.com
Phone: +44 (0)20 3328 5808

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