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Education programme puts students on path to infrastructure careers

by Liam Turner
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Infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems has launched a new education programme to put students on the path to infrastructure careers in engineering, design, and architecture.

The Bentley Education Programme is initially available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and Lithuania, with plans to expand to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and India by mid-summer.

Students will be able to access the Bentley Education portal and connect to organisations and resources to prepare for infrastructure engineering careers, developing critical digital skills.

It provides a single source for students as they build and enhance their digital design skills and offers full access to learning licenses for over 40 of Bentley’s most popular applications used by infrastructure professionals around the globe.

“With many nations and institutions committing to infrastructure and digital education initiatives as top priorities for a post-pandemic world, we are excited to launch this much-requested and responsive programme now,” said Katriona Lord-Levins, chief success officer, Bentley Systems. “We want to inspire and encourage students to learn about infrastructure engineering as a possible career path, and to introduce these young minds to the vast opportunities that lie ahead, with infrastructure going digital.”

The Bentley Education portal also serves as a gateway for students to submit their innovative concepts to improve quality of life for Bentley’s Future Infrastructure Star Challenge 2021. Students will work on modelling, simulation, and visualisation to develop a design model. The winner of the Future Infrastructure Star Challenge will be announced during the Going Digital Awards which will take place at the Year in Infrastructure 2021 Conference.

Vinayak Trivedi, vice president of Bentley Education, said, “We want to make the Bentley Education portal the place where students can go to learn about and become inspired to make infrastructure engineering their career choice. The goal of the programme is to help students who are passionate about infrastructure to get a jump-start on a fulfilling career. The Future Infrastructure Star Challenge 2021 provides an opportunity for them to be creative and innovative in project designs for improving the quality of life and positively changing the world.”

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