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Embracing digital transformation on the UK House Project

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Blue Sky Building

The complex restoration of a Grade II-listed building in London’s West End went smoother with SymTerra’s user-friendly communication tool, found project lead Blue Sky Building

Blue Sky Building are an innovative construction management company, managing complex engineering and construction projects, particularly in city centre environments.

The UK House Project in London’s West End required meticulous restoration and modernisation of a Grade II listed building. The project’s complex nature required close coordination of resources, personnel, and information. To support this, Blue Sky Building adopted SymTerra as their digital communication tool.

Meet George

SymTerra is built to simplify communication for onsite project teams and a key example of this is through the story of site manager, George Palmer.

George has decades of construction experience under his belt, however, he was initially reluctant to adopt SymTerra as several digital tools had already been tried.

As George began using SymTerra, his initial hesitation gave way to increased engagement. He found the app straightforward and the user interface easy to use, which simplified his record-keeping and enhanced real-time communication with the office.

He even became the first SymTerra user to create over 2,000 updates.

George said: “It is a pleasure to use SymTerra, it’s so simple and covers everything.”

Impact on Blue Sky Buildings

George’s extensive use of SymTerra provided comprehensive, real-time insights into project activities. It highlighted that when technology is easy to use for site teams, that it can further support collaborative and efficient communication between site and office.

Moreover, George’s digital transformation journey debunks the myth that age is a barrier to learning new technologies, showcasing how digital tools such as SymTerra can benefit site teams when reflective of how work is delivered.

James Daniel, IT manager at Blue Sky Building, said: “The construction teams at Blue Sky Building use SymTerra because it provides an excellent way to report and communicate on site.

“They can log progress and raise issues such as Health & Safety, programme, commercial, environmental, and document with pictures or video. This information is easily searchable and available long after the project is completed.

“The management team like SymTerra because it frees up project staff and gets boots on the ground rather than being in the site office completing daily paperwork. It is used to document the full project life cycle from preconstruction through to construction management and project management.”

Key achievements

  • Improved Documentation: Real-time view of the project’s progress
  • Project Assurance: The detailed work records provided a comprehensive project assurance package, and a full history of the works for future reference
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Real-time updates from site enabled the team to make timely, informed decisions, helping mitigate potential delays and optimise resource allocation

Build in Digital Stakeholder SymTerra is a construction site management software firm that provides a simple, instant and integrated method for the entire supply chain of any project to communicate, collaborate and capture vital information at the point of work.

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