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EMEC completes design for 100 MW floating wind test site off Orkney

by Sion Geschwindt
EMEC completes design for 100 MW floating wind test site off Orkney

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), based in Orkney, has concluded the concept design for a new 100 MW floating offshore wind test and demonstration site.

EMEC is hoping to secure a lease for a site 20km west of Orkney, further out to sea from its existing wave energy test facility at Billia Croo.

EMEC’s proposed test site will comprise six berths for floating offshore wind turbines of up to 20 MW rated capacity.

With water depths of 80 to 95 metres, large waves and a mean windspeed of 10.7 m/s, the site will offer floating wind developers representative metocean conditions to those in ScotWind, Celtic Seas and future leasing rounds. 

Four of the six berths will be grid-connected, while the final two berths will be reserved for alternative applications such as hydrogen generation.

The site has been designed specifically for floating wind developers to test turbines, floating structures, moorings and other components in an offshore environment described as “energetic”. This will enable performance to be refined on a range of floating wind technologies prior to commercial scale-up and build-out.

EMEC managing director, Neil Kermode, said: “Floating wind will have a large role to play in our future energy mix so we’re gearing up to support development of the sector.

“We’re looking at how we can use our existing testing infrastructure for floating wind subsystem testing, as well as developing a new test site to enable full-scale demonstrations ahead of commercial deployments around Scotland.

“Floating wind is still in relative infancy with limited experience globally of deploying and operating technologies in high energy conditions. EMEC’s new demonstration site will provide developers with a highly comparable testing ground to proposed project locations prior to large-scale roll out.

“This testing will enable companies to de-risk projects helping to satisfy technical due diligence requirements and make financing easier and cheaper.”

Image: A 3D render of the floating wind test site (credit: EMEC)

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