Enterprise RPA

enterprise rpa

Robotic Process Automation to Increase efficiency, reduce cost, and drive tenant satisfaction

[RPA] Robotic Process Automation automates repetitive and laborious data entry tasks and processes, in a consistent, accurate and cost-efficient way

Enterprise RPA help clients to save money, improve response times and grow revenue, by automating low value high volume tasks. These tasks are often repetitive and laborious, and undertaken by staff who could be adding incredible value to your business if only they had the time!

“We have seen our Housing customers using RPA technology in some truly impressive ways, as they navigate sudden changes, and seek to support their modern workforce” “Automation improves business resilience and agility, as is a proven catalyst for reaching strategic goals and digital transformations

RPA in Practise – How does it Work?

  • Meet the Robots – RPA Software Robots are trained to complete a process and task capture helps to identify process candidates.
  • See the Platform – Robots can work individually, or can be connected to Digital assistants and/or Document Understanding AI
  • Our Technology Partnerships are with UiPath and Druid AI – the best innovators in the market [Garner#1]
  • It is Easier than you think – Imagine you have a new member of your team. You show them the process, capture the task and the skills are transferred. You inform the robot if the process changes.
  • Robots work 24/7 365 days – a single 1 robot can be the equivalent of 4-8+ new members of your team(s). One single robot can run many RPA processes.
  • What is Hyper-Automation? – It is the industry term for largescale adoption of automation, leading to high value returns, through a series of supported automations. Typically, this is the organic growth of RPA driven by high value adoption and results.

Where can we Apply RPA – Housing Use Cases

For Finance RPA can take the enormous weight off their financial processes, heavily impacted by Covid-19 and Brexit, or simply the mundane/day to day invoice processing, email prioritisation and responses to Income rule change(s).

For Housing and Operations
Customers can welcome their robot persona(s) with a name, to create early rapport and fast adoption across teams who needed seamless hand-off to humans and system-interoperability such as tenant engagement, rent and payments, income, universal credits, repair services or maintenance.

For Compliance/Assets/Services
Others’ focus RPA automation on their regulation and compliance processes, to ensure a resilient landscape for transparency and audit.


Working with RPA expert partners, even while building your own internal RPA competency, can make a real difference to gaining the evidence measures required for automation candidates. The benefits are clear, measurable, and fast.

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