Entries now open for Building Innovation Awards 2023

Entries are now officially open for the Building Innovation Awards 2023.

Now in its fourth year, the Awards will be returning to celebrate the breadth of innovation taking place within the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector.

From the materials and technologies reshaping what is possible, to the contractors and manufacturers adopting modern methods of construction, the Building Innovation Awards highlights the companies, approaches and projects that are not just boosting productivity and profits – but delivering a greener, smarter and safer built environment.

Each of the Awards’ 28 categories serve to highlight those innovations that have made a tangible difference to both AEC sector companies and their clients.

Several new categories have been added to this year’s awards, to accommodate for the breadth of innovation in the sector. These include ‘Most Innovative Contech Startup’ which showcases young, forward-thinking startup or scaleup companies that are leveraging technology to solve some of the construction industry’s greatest challenges, and ‘Most Sustainable Construction Project’ which spotlights projects that have foregrounded sustainability in design and construction through the use of innovative approaches and technologies.

Check out the highlights from last year’s Building Innovation Awards

Commenting on the launch, Build in Digital editor, Siôn Geschwindt, said: “The built environment sector shapes the homes we live in, the schools our children learn in and the infrastructure we use every single day. Delivering built infrastructures at the pace and quality required is a major responsibility, one that falls principally on the shoulders of the builders and shapers of our country: the AEC industry.

“But the world is changing, fast, and the challenges we face as a sector and as a society are mounting, making it harder for the industry to get the job done. Cost pressures, materials shortages, skills and labour gaps – these are all pervasive issues – exacerbated by forces such as climate change and population growth. Amid these constraints, in the words of Mark Farmer, AEC companies have all but one choice: to “Modernise or Die”.

“Adopting new and emerging technologies that improve the sustainability, safety and efficiency of the industry is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’. The good news is that there are a band of innovators that are leading the charge, transforming their business models and pioneering new ways of working at the pace required. These innovators deserve the recognition for their efforts, and that is exactly what the Building Innovation Awards is all about.”

The Building Innovation Awards will be presented at a gala dinner and awards ceremony on 12th October 2023 at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester. The evening begins with a welcome drinks reception, followed by a three-course dinner with complimentary wine. Dinner will be followed by the awards ceremony and entertainment.

Dinner will be followed by the awards ceremony and entertainment, and if last year’s event is anything to go by, it will be a night to remember.

Entries close on 9 June.
Shortlist announced 28 August.

The categories are:

  1. Most Innovative Supplier
  2. Most Innovative Contractor
  3. Most Innovative Consultancy
  4. Most Innovative SME
  5. Most Innovative Contech Start-up
  6. Most Innovative On-site Monitoring Tool
  7. Most Sustainable Construction Project
  8. Most Innovative Infrastructure Project
  9. Most Innovative Commercial Project
  10. Best Carbon Monitoring Tool
  11. Best Use of AR/VR in a Construction Project
  12. Best Use of Digital Twin Technology
  13. Best Use of Timber in a Construction Project
  14. Most Innovative Restoration/Refurbishment Project
  15. Best Use of 3D Printing Technology
  16. Best Technology Partner
  17. Best Financial Innovation
  18. Best Modular Innovation
  19. Best Health & Safety Innovation
  20. Best Use of Alternative Fuels
  21. Best Asset Management Innovation
  22. Best Materials Innovation
  23. Best Use of Robotics in Construction
  24. Best Use of Information Management Using BIM
  25. Most Innovative New Product
  26. Best Digital Transformation
  27. Young Innovator 2023
  28. Innovation Champion 2023

Why enter?

Whether you’re attending or submitting entries, here’s our take on why building awards are needed, now more than ever.

Showing appreciation

Appreciation is the biggest performance-booster in the working world. Whether it’s through a simple ‘thank you’ card, or a nomination for an award, appreciating the hard work of your team is a simple yet certain gateway for increased morale.

Putting forward your project for a Building Innovation Award, is a strong display of your faith in that team. If your team wins the award, it’ll give them the motivation and confidence they need to continue to propel forward in the industry.

Putting your name out there

Entering for an award is a sure way to get your company known.

When a panel of experts review the work that you have submitted, when you make the shortlist and your company logo is plastered all over social media, or when your company bags the award and a venue packed with hundreds of professionals applaud for your company – these are all things that help you to leave a lasting impression.

After the era of home-working and zoom meetings, we have learned to savour every human interaction we can get. And what better way to put your name out there than to literally go and put your name out there?

Events like the Building Innovation Awards are the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and to expand your personal network, but they also give you the chance to meet a plethora of industry experts and leaders.

Be inspired again

With each nomination we receive, there is a story to tell. And with each story told, another individual is inspired to create their own story to make their own mark on the housing industry. And the cycle goes on.

Whether it’s hearing about bleeding-edge technologies, sustainability breakthroughs, innovative software, or new ways of building, awards events are a hub for inspiration and new ideas.


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