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Estonian startup Solarstone secures €10m for building-integrated solar roofs

by Sion Geschwindt
Estonian startup Solarstone secures €10m for building-integrated solar panels

Estonian startup Solarstone has secured €10m in a funding round led by Biofuel OÜ to accelerate the development of its building-integrated solar solutions.

Founded by Mait Kukk, Mattis Jürimäe and Silver Aednik, Solarstone aims to integrate solar into the beginning stages of a build to change how energy is generated in European households. Its primary product is building-integrated photovoltaic panels.

Founded in 2015 and based in Viljandi, Estonia, Solarstone’s approach to construction is one that prioritises sustainability and promotes a new approach to how energy is generated in European households. 

Energy production and consumption are undergoing a major shift across Europe at present, with demand for self-generated energy on the rise. This shift is a key part of what inspired the creation of Solarstone.

Solarstone’s solar roof looks a lot like regular slate tiles (credit: Solarstone)

The CEO and co-founder, Silver Aednik, said: “Solarstone’s technology makes it profitable and attractive to add solar directly to where you live.”

This fresh funding boost follows the startup’s 7000th solar roof installation in 8 countries. It will enable the company to upgrade production and develop the teams in Estonia as well as other strategic markets.

In addition, Solarstone is investing in software solutions that empower stakeholders in the construction industry to design and procure solar power plants more effectively.

Aednik continued: “Existing BIM models already facilitate the work of architects and engineers. Soon, implementation of modern satellite technology and an all-inclusive ecosystem platform will provide simple tools to design and deliver the most suitable integrated solar plant for all market players.”

Biofuel’s CEO Andreas Laane, added: “Solarstone stands out from other solar solution providers with smart technology, which helps avoid unnecessary material and production costs in creating modern roofs. Innovative software and a proprietary hardware component provide a good impetus for the green revolution.”

Main image: Solarstone founders (credit: Solarstone)

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