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Everfuel gets green light to build Europe’s largest electrolyser

by Liam Turner
a hydrogen fuel cell

Everfuel has received permission to begin the construction of Europe’s largest electrolyser.

The hydrogen power specialist has acquired a building permit for the HySynergy Phase One electrolyser in Fredericia, Denmark.

The HySynergy development aims to establish large-scale production and storage of green hydrogen and contribute to reducing CO2-emissions in Europe.

The facility will have a production capacity of around eight tons per day of green hydrogen, made from renewable power, and 10 tons of storage capacity.

Everfuel will be responsible for the EPC-work (engineering, procurement, and construction), including hydrogen storage and distribution facilities.

Phase One of HySynergy is expected to be completed by the middle of 2022, by which time it will be the largest electrolyser in Europe.

An electrolyser is a system that uses electricity to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen in a process called electrolysis.

It is through electrolysis that the electrolyser is able to create hydrogen gas.

The green transition

CJ has been confirmed as contractor for the project.

CJ has expertise and experience in the large-scale construction of fueling facilities, industrial facilities, and refineries.

Jonathan Smetana, CEO of CJ, said: “We are very pleased with the trust Everfuel shows in CJ by letting us take the lead of such an important initiative to make the green transition happen.

“We look forward to the cooperation and project launch with both respect for the task at hand and the confidence to execute it by putting all our professional skills to good use.”

Everfuel and Crossbridge Energy, the partner owning the adjacent Fredericia refinery, will host a sod-turning ceremony on 18 August at the construction site to mark the official start of development.

Image: Joseph Brent/Shutterstock

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