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Exodigo teams up with Esri to improve underground mapping using AI

by Sion Geschwindt
Exodigo teams up with Esri to improve underground mapping

Tel Aviv-based startup Exodigo has teamed up with GIS software giant Esri to help governments and businesses accelerate the delivery of capital projects and de-risk underground operations at scale.

Exodigo has developed a non-intrusive AI-powered subterranean mapping platform, which can identify 20-50% more buried assets than alternative subsurface locating and surveying methods, it said.

Under the new partnership, Esri ArcGIS users can now integrate Exodigo’s imaging and underlying data into existing underground utility maps to ensure that undocumented utilities are identified and even slight curves in utility paths can be visualised accurately.

This technology partnership turns existing “as-builts” into verified “as-is” digital models of the underground at the precision required for asset management and downstream planning, design, and construction.

Jeremy Suard, CEO and Co-Founder of Exodigo, said: “Exodigo solves the underground challenge with subsurface maps you can trust.

“With this new partnership, ArcGIS users can access the complete picture of the underground with Exodigo on the Esri system in the exact digital format they need.”

Exodigo raised $29m (£21.2m) in a seed funding round in February, and just this month received a strategic buy-in from National Grid Partners.

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