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Fife College’s £100m net-zero building gets the green light

by Sion Geschwindt
Fife College's £100m net-zero building gets the green light

Fife College has received approval from the Scottish government to proceed with the next phase of its net-zero campus building project.

The building is part of the wider 58-acre Dunfermline Learning Campus site, and is set to be the first net-zero tertiary education structure in Scotland.

In August, Fife College contracted Balfour Beatty to deliver the project.

The business case for the new Dunfermline campus was submitted in August and Scottish ministers subsequently agreed to invest up to £100m in providing a low-carbon, flexible learning space for students.

Within the £100m allocation, additional money has been made available to ensure that the project goes beyond net-zero targets to deliver reductions in operational carbon even after completion.

Low-embodied-carbon construction materials will be specified for the project and will include materials with high recycled content.

Waste will be minimised throughout the design process, with a strong focus on diverting as much of it from landfill as possible.

Dr Hugh Hall, principal of Fife College, said: “We’re incredibly ambitious about what we want to achieve with this new campus. Not only do we want it to provide world-class facilities for our students, but we want the building itself to reflect the latest developments in low-carbon construction.

“That’s why we’ve worked with the Scottish government to go beyond net zero and ensure that our new campus has a long-term positive effect on emissions.

“The extra funding we’ve received will enable us to achieve our environmental ambitions, and to deliver the first tertiary education building in the UK that meets these standards.

“The approval of our business case is a significant milestone in the project to deliver the new Dunfermline Learning Campus, and we’re eager to get started.”

Karen Watt, chief executive of the Scottish Funding Council, added: “We are delighted to support the plans for the new Fife College on the Dunfermline Learning Campus.

“They are ambitious and ground-breaking, designed to enhance the experience of students and to meet stretching environmental performance standards as we move to becoming a net-zero nation.

“We will be working closely with all partners to bring this ambition to life.”

Image credit: Fife College

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