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Five questions to ask when choosing a digital snagging tool

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With a shrewd awareness of the difficulties involved in seeking a new digital snagging solution, Ed Controls explains how to cut through the noise and find the right tool for the job

Thinking about buying a new digital snagging tool? Those decisions can be tough, as they can involve quite some resources. Don’t make any hasty decisions, and make sure your digital snagging tool is one that you will use for many years to come.

When choosing a digital snagging tool, here are five questions you should ask.

1 – What restrictions are there, and how much will it cost?

What is the worst thing about buying new software? If you ask us, that would be the hidden costs, a.k.a. the in-app purchases. Therefore, you should check this before buying any new software. You can do this after you’ve downloaded a new app from the Play Store or App Store. When you open the app, more often than not you are given a slither of an app, and then you must pay to access more. When you are looking for a new snagging application, you have to be sure of what the final price is for what your needs are. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying up to four times as much as the initial investment.

2 – What platforms does the snagging app work on?

Apple and Android are the two biggest players in the smartphone/tablet market. This means that the majority of people will have either an Apple or Samsung device. When you are buying a new digital snagging tool, you want to make sure it works across all devices. This means you can collaborate with different people, both inside and outside your team.

3 – Does it use the cloud?

Why the cloud, you might ask? Snagging is a big task and involves a lot of people. By using the cloud, you are uploading your information to one central and secure location, where multiple people can work together on resolving snags and defects. If the app cannot use the cloud, then that snagging information is not available to everyone and lead to miscommunications and poor quality projects. 

4 – Will you get training?

One of the issues many companies come across is training for the use of the snagging software. Whilst it is shown to be simple in the presentation and demo, it becomes harder when you attempt it yourself.

If the developer also offers on-site training, alongside tutorials, helpful tips and tricks, then you will be able to work more efficiently knowing you are using the app properly. If training is not offered, then you will never see the full potential of the application, leaving you to discover it yourself…which no one has the time for. Training also proves helpful when getting colleagues on board with a new system. 

5 – How can I work with my sub-contractors?

The majority of snagging is done by Principal or Main Contractors in the construction industry. They need to make sure that their subcontractors installations are done properly.

So, it begs the question, how are you able to include your sub-contractors into this digital snagging tool? If you had one snagging app that all the sub-contractors could use, the benefits are limitless; improved organisation, communication, and accountability to name a few. But, by having several applications for different colleagues out with your team, is a recipe for a disorganised disaster.

We hope these five questions helped you on your journey looking for the best snagging tool. If you’re wondering what next, check out how Ed Controls can be your solution? Request a free demo or learn more and discover it yourself!

Build in Digital stakeholder Ed Controls is a no-nonsense snagging and project management tool. With Ed Controls, you will work pleasantly and efficiently with colleagues and project partners. Snagging, defect management and quality control is straightforward. Get a clear overview of what needs to be done to make your project a success. Smart, fast, simple.

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