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French construction rental firm partners with Hiboo to provide carbon-measuring service

by Liam Turner
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Large French construction rental company Comptoir de Location is using technology provided by Hiboo – a specialist in the field of data analysis of industrial assets – in a bid to expand its services.

Comptoir de Location is setting up a service covering the use of machinery, based on Hiboo’s data analysis technology, which will allow its clients to access data concerning the use and exploitation of their rented machinery – for example, usage, idling, and fuel consumption.

The new service will also allow them to measure their CO2 emissions in real time.

Comptoir de Location says the partnership with Hiboo will enable it to “step up” the digitisation process.

Baptiste Perard, managing director of Comptoir de Location, said: “More and more construction companies want to measure the environmental impact of their machinery, including rental equipment.

“With Hiboo, we can provide our clients with a way of doing this that is fast, reliable, and efficient with regard to all the machinery we rent out.”

Clément Bénard, CEO of Hiboo, said: “We are delighted to help Comptoir de Location to use the data emitted by its machinery in order to improve control of operations and enable it to create value for its clients.”

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