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Geospatial Commission unveils Transport Location Data competition winners

by Liam Turner
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The UK government’s Geospatial Commission has revealed the winners of the second phase of its £5m Transport Location Data competition.

While the first phase focussed on feasibility studies, the second phase will support seven companies to work closely with the public sector in order to realise their ideas through pilots.

The winners of the competition, which was launched in May, are:

  • Maritime ANalyTics Intelligence System (MANTIS), Emu Analytics Ltd
  • Optimising Geofencing, Ricardo UK Ltd
  • National Freight Model, City Science Corporation Ltd
  • Digital twin of the rail network, Hack Partners Ltd
  • Automated Rail Geospatial Observation System (ARGOS), Thales Ground Transportation Systems UK Ltd
  • ZERO, Dynamon Ltd
  • Digital Active Travel Augmentation (DATA), Ngenius Ltd

The projects cover various modes of transport, such as rail, roads, and cycling; and span four challenge areas where, according to the commission, geospatial technology has the potential to revolutionise transport in the UK.

The four challenge areas are:

  • Mobility as a service – to help better integration of transport types
  • Active travel – creating safer ways to enable active travel
  • Supply chains – helping better distribution, storage and delivery
  • Boosting capacity – increasing efficiency of transport networks

The second phase is set to last for eight months.

Commenting on the results, Transport minister Rachel Maclean said: “This report from the Geospatial Commission is a perfect example of the significant benefits of data in delivering tangible transport benefits, from planning where to place new electric vehicle charging points, to making last-mile journeys quicker, easier, and more efficient.

“This is the perfect complement to our upcoming Transport Data Strategy which will help overcome the barriers to data sharing and use, as well as improving the discoverability, accessibility, and quality of data.”

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