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At Glider we enable a digital fusion between people and technology to create a better world where buildings talk, and humans listen.

That’s why we built a software platform which offers a digital path to asset information management for asset owners and end users. Welcome to gliderbim®.

What is gliderbim®?

gliderbim® offers a radically different way of working by accelerating the process of securing a collaborative culture across the built environment. gliderbim® offers a safe Common Data Environment (CDE), designed to make a lasting impact.

This service-as-a-software (SaaS) is an industry-changing digital solution, empowering individuals and organisations across the globe to learn, connect and take control of their project information.

From design and construction to operation

gliderbim® is a secure Common Data Environment (CDE), through which you can classify and validate your structured data and exchange it using openBIM formats such as IFC and COBie. gliderbim® offers you an easy way to manage information through the whole life cycle of a built asset.

Simple. Smart. Powerful

gliderbim® is an intelligent online platform for managing project information and asset maintenance, allowing users to create their own unique CDE for project data, models and documentation. It provides asset owners and AEC professionals with the tools they need to manage the production, approval and delivery of all their asset information.

gliderbim® is an end-to-end asset software platform, connecting projects and teams with real-time data – from design through to operation – minimising risk and generating profitable outcomes.

This Industry Foundation Class (IFC) model server and document management system allows users to classify and validate their structured data and exchange it using other openBIM formats, such as COBie.

Connectivity and collaboration

Build your own structured data pipeline and take full control of your documents. With gliderbim® you have data versioning, model viewing and the ability to create your own data schemas and ontologies. This slick document control platform allows you to collate all your asset information in one, easy-to-access place.

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