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Building smarter with digital project management solutions

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While each construction project is different and comes with its own challenges, using technology to streamline processes has been proven to universally boost efficiency and deliver real-time data insights. Here, Glodon looks at how companies can harness the power of automation, analytics, and AI to build better and smarter

A fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape requires organisations to make construction project management smarter.

Over the past two decades, construction has experienced only 1% productivity growth; but by automating, analysing, and leveraging artificial intelligence, organisations can build smarter and more efficient projects.

Businesses can lose significant money due to inefficient construction practices. McKinsey found that the construction industry loses $1.6tn (c.£1.29tn) annually because of inefficiencies such as delays, rework, and waste.

The construction industry is complex and faces many unique challenges, such as multi-tiered supply chains, fragmentation, limited adoption of technology, and high levels of risk and uncertainty due to the need for more insights and predictability.

Every project is unique and poses its own barriers, but using technology to streamline processes is proven to boost efficiency and productivity and provide real-time data insights.

Dodge Data & Analytics found that companies using digital technologies in construction are four times more likely to meet schedule and budget goals.

CIOB reported that project delays in the UK cost £21bn a year, of which 66% were caused by poor management practices.

Digital construction solutions can provide real-time data insights for construction companies, helping them to make data-driven decisions to avoid costly mistakes.

AI-powered analytics can provide foresight and help project managers navigate potential problems before they occur, saving time, money, and reputational damage.

Further, digital solutions can streamline supply chain management, reducing the risk of material shortages or delays.

The benefits of real-time data

As a business leader, you know project management is critical for your organisation. You want to ensure your teams work efficiently and effectively to achieve their goals. But how do you make sure that happens?

Innovation and adoption of digital solutions are needed for streamlining and automating processes and providing real-time insights into every aspect of your projects and business: from resource allocation and workload distribution to budgeting and forecasting.

Executives rely on this information when making decisions about future investments and always require up-to-date data. FMI reports that the construction industry’s cost of bad data strategies was over £1.3tn globally in 2020.

As a project manager, you can use automation, analytics, and AI to make better decisions and improve your team’s efficiency. The first step is understanding how data can be better used in planning.

“A digital-first strategy is required if projects are to be delivered on time, within budget, and to specification”

The second step is determining how best to collaborate with stakeholders so everyone can access the correct information when needed.

As a construction site worker, you strive to find ways to improve safety and productivity. You also want to ensure you get the most out of your tools and equipment.

The use of digital project management solutions can help accomplish these goals by providing insights into what’s happening on the job site, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Automation, analytics & AI

When implemented correctly, systems integrations and AI can automate routine tasks like data entry or reporting, giving workers valuable time to focus on value-add activities and strategic decision-making.

Companies implementing such technologies and processes early in the project see significant cost savings over time due to the reduction in double handling of data and human error, coupled with the speed of access and the standardisation and accuracy of the data.

Digital project management solutions like Gsite help organisations save time and resources and automate various project management processes, providing powerful analytics capabilities that focus the team’s attention on mission-critical tasks.

Organisations can use these capabilities to identify and rectify issues before they become significant problems, providing valuable insight into project performance and unlocking value from the data.

By leveraging the power of AI, organisations can streamline project workflows, optimise resource allocations, and even predict project outcomes.

Work with such technologies to innovate and implement new techniques to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Today’s fast-paced business environment calls for organisations to work and build smarter, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

Due to technological advancements and the adoption of BIM, AIM, and CIM, project data is now produced in greater volume (200% YoY) and complexity (400% increase in size).

Manual, paper-based management processes are no longer sustainable; a digital-first strategy is required if projects are to be delivered on time, within budget, and to specification.

Leveraging automation, analytics, and AI can optimise resource allocation, streamline workflows, improve health and safety, reduce rework, and improve profitability. Take your project to the next level with digital project management solutions.

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