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With over 10 million users and 6 million completed projects worldwide, Glodon is the expert partner to make your next building project a success. We have been developing the most advanced and fully integrated digital building platform solutions for the entire construction lifecycle for over 20 years.

We are dedicated to industrial research and technological innovation. Since 2008, Glodon has established seven global R&D centres in the United States, Finland, Poland, Sweden and China.

Believing in the digital building, Glodon focuses on using BIM, big data, IoT, mobile internet, industry AI and other digital technologies to enable the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Combined with advanced lean construction methods, the digital building platform can integrate all project stakeholders, processes, data, technologies and business systems in one place.

In this way, a new platform ecosystem for projects, enterprises, and the construction industry will be formed, thereby promoting industrial upgrades represented by digital design, digital construction, and digital operation and maintenance.

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