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Make Every Project a Success with Glodon

The adoption of digital technologies in the construction industry brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved collaboration, enhanced decision-making, and reduced costs..

With over 10 million users and  6 million completed projects worldwide, Glodon is the expert partner to make your next building project a success. We have been developing the most advanced and fully integrated digital building platform solutions for the entire construction lifecycle for over 20 years.

We are dedicated to industrial research and technological innovation. Since 2008, Glodon has established seven global R&D centres in the United States, Finland, Poland, Sweden and China.

Believing in digital building, Glodon focuses on using BIM, big data, IoT, mobile internet, industry AI and other digital technologies to enable the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Build Better with Gsite 2.0

Gsite 2.0 is a centralised, integrated digital platform that connects stakeholders, boosts efficiency, reduces costs and risks, and fosters organisational growth.

It can bring value to all project stakeholders. Executives can effectively mitigate risks and maintain financial stability. Project managers can ensure timely and cost-effective completion of projects. Field professionals can efficiently accomplish their assigned tasks while meeting the required standards.

Gsite 2.0, the next-generation digital construction management solution, has the following key features and capabilities:

  • Automatic room recognition for seamless project navigation
  • 2D-3D linkage for streamlined coordination
  • Accurate issue and RFI location
  • Streamlined inspection on mobile
  • Manage issues on the go
  • Enhanced communication with instant messaging
  • Dashboard for real-time insights and project success

For more information about Gsite 2.0, please visit our website.

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