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Hexagon, Fujitsu support urban digital twin project in Stuttgart

by Maryam Bint-Kazam
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Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division and Fujitsu Limited have partnered to deliver a digital twin platform for Stuttgart, Germany, to support the city’s urban digital twin project.

The Civil Engineering Office will use the SaaS solution to visualise and analyse data from IoT sensors across the German city to promote sustainability and enhance quality of life for its 600,000 residents.

The solution will provide a common operating picture for monitoring sensor values, such as water quality, flood levels and parking space occupancy, enabling the city to derive insights for optimising operations and making informed decisions for the future.

The digital twin platform is based on Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise and Xalt | Integration, with Fujitsu providing the necessary cloud infrastructure service for the project.

Jens Schumacher, head of IT at Stuttgart Civil Engineering Office, said: “The needs of our residents are very important to us.

“Stuttgart’s Urban Digital Twin project will provide our office with a vast amount of mobility and environmental data, and the IoT analysis platform from Hexagon and Fujitsu will give us the ability to use that data to make smarter decisions for the good of our city.”

Maximillian Weber, senior vice president, EMEA, Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, said: “Stuttgart is an exemplary model of how cities can solve today’s most pressing urban challenges, such as sustainability, safety and mobility, through the use of real-time data analysis.

“We’re proud to partner with Stuttgart and Fujitsu in putting data to work to ensure a better future for the city.”

Yoshinami Takahashi, EVP and vice-head of the Global Solution Business Group at Fujitsu Limited, said: “We are excited to grow our partnership with Hexagon to solve the challenges of cities.

“In collaboration with Hexagon, we will provide a service that enables real-time analysis of environmental data in Stuttgart and contributes to the improvement of services for residents.

“Our goal at Fujitsu is to realise our vision for a ‘Trusted Society’, a sustainable, resilient place where people can live together in peace and prosperity.”

The project with the City of Stuttgart is one of many collaborations between Hexagon and Fujitsu to solve urban sustainability challenges, including efforts to better manage and understand the impacts of shared mobility services in Germany, such as a project with the City of Munich.

Details of the project will be presented during HxGN LIVE Japan.

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